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Top 10 Water Heater Models in Singapore

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A hot shower after a long day is a relaxing and rewarding experience that’s made possible when you have a water heater installed in your home. Therefore, regardless of Singapore’s tropical climate, a water heater is still a necessary item for any home. However, many people are often overwhelmed by the selection of water heaters available on the market, not knowing which to choose.

The size of your family, your budget, the water tank’s storage capacity, and the amount of space in your home will ultimately influence your choice of water heater. To make your selection easier, here is our list of the top ten water heaters in Singapore:


1. ARISTON Andris Lux 15/30 Water Heater #45842

Designed in Italy, the storage water heaters made by Andris Lux are highly energy-efficient. They are perfect if you want to lower your electricity costs, which you do.The following are the main characteristics of the ARISTON Andris Lux 15/30 Water Heater #45842 water heater model:

Designed in Italy, the storage water heaters made by Andris Lux are highly energy-efficient. They are perfect if you want to lower your electricity costs, which you do.

The following are the main characteristics of the ARISTON Andris Lux 15/30 Water Heater #45842 water heater model:

  • Made of copper
  • A 5-year leakage warranty is included with the heater
  • You receive a 1-year installation of interior parts
  • Tank capacity: 30 litres


In addition to the aforementioned characteristics, this water heater model has a net weight of 13 kilos, a safety release valve, a thermostat, and a tank that is coated at 850 degrees Celsius. All family members can safely utilise the water heater thanks to its characteristics, making it incredibly user-friendly.


2. Ariston Aures Luxury ST 33 Instant Water Heater

The following are the main attributes of the Ariston Aures Luxury water heater:

  • Elegant and efficient Italian design
  • Equipped with an anti-scaling feature
  • Three shower user profiles are possible because of the soft touch and good features
  • Ariston features instant temperature and heating, in contrast to other water heaters that occasionally experience temperature issues
  • It instantly heats up, conserving energy
  • A 12-month warranty covers the heater
  • 230 volts power required

In addition to the features listed above, the Ariston Aures Luxury has a constant temperature that provides the best comfort possible while showering, a showerhead with five spray settings, an adjustable handrail, and high-reliability thanks to its coated PCB. The shower is incredibly user-friendly because of its excellent features.


3. 707 Princeton Instant Water Heater

The Princeton instant water heater provides a relaxing hot shower experience. Strong water pressure results in a rain shower showerhead that makes bathing opulent and soothing. Being produced by a reputable brand in Singapore, dependability, quality, and a high level of safety are thus assured.

The following are the main characteristics of the 707 Princeton instant water heater:

  • Extremely energy and water efficient
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Strong water pressure
  • It boasts a sleek, modern, and minimalist design that looks elegant in any bathroom
  • Energy is saved through instant water heating
  • Most online retailers offer free delivery to Singapore and excellent customer service
  • The heater comes with a 5-year warranty on the heater elements and a 2-year warranty on parts from Singaporean manufacturers.
  • Excellent features that go above and beyond the advised safety requirements
  • Includes a warming indicator


4. Rubine Instant Water Heater RWH-2388 BHP

For those who reside in apartments with uneven water pressure, the Rubine quick water heater is the best option. The water heater has a booster pump to make sure the water pressure is at a reasonable level.

The Rubine water heater also comes with a handheld shower and rain shower. Such an essential element satisfies the needs of different family members. The shower set includes showerheads with built-in water-saving chips. So, you can take long showers while paying the least amount of money for electricity and water.

Other crucial elements that will meet your needs are as follows:

  • Green technology for the environment
  • The heater comes with a 2-year warranty on other parts and a five-year warranty on the heating elements
  • Water flows at least two litres per minute
  • Available in black and white
  • Heater’s weight is 1.3kg

The Rubine water heater is perfect for people who live in apartments because it has the capacity to increase water pressure accordingly.


5. Champs Tiger Water Heaters

You will feel revitalised thanks to the Champs water heater’s intense water pressure. Plus, you will also spend less on water and electricity. It provides the ideal opportunity to take as many hot baths or showers as you like throughout the day.

The Champs water heater also includes an internal anti-scalding system for your safety. The shower can be used without switching between various controls because it is so user-friendly.

Champ’s tiger water heater also has the following essential qualities:

  • There is a 5-year warranty on the heater
  • It has an ipx5 device that guards against water splashes from damaging the internal circuit
  • Includes a massage shower set that provides a revitalising shower experience
  • The heater has a three-litre per minute flow rate
  • 0.8kg in weight


6. Panasonic Instant Water Heaters

The Panasonic heater is very efficient, affordable, and user-friendly. The product has safety features, just like the higher-end heaters, with excellent heating and water pressure.

The Panasonic water heater’s main attributes are as follows:

  • Fitted with safety points
  • It is enclosed in a plastic heater case
  • There is a 12-month warranty on the heater
  • Instant hot water production
  • The majority of bathrooms will look good with its sleek modern design
  • Available in a variety of family-friendly colours. White, black, grey, silver, and gold are among the colours to choose from

Families needing a high-quality product on a tight budget should consider getting this Panasonic water heater model.


7.  Ferroli SDN Water Heater SDN Series

The Ferroli SDN series heaters are very efficient. All you have to do to make it function is push the power button! With its sleek and stylish appearance, it enhances the sophistication of your bathroom instantly.

The temperature stabiliser that comes with the Ferroli heater makes sure that water temperatures fluctuate only a little. When temperatures rise, this feature will be essential for preventing burns. The showerhead has several spray settings, including regular, massage, and spray options. You can always decide to take a regular bath or get a relaxing full-body massage, whichever you prefer.

Other noteworthy characteristics of this water heater include:

  • Instant water heating at a push of a button
  • High energy effectiveness
  • It offers a massage setting
  • A 5-year warranty is provided
  • The heater is incredibly user-friendly and straightforward to operate


8. Mistral Water Heater-MSH303i

Many Singaporeans trust the reputable brand Mistral. In hotels and homes, Mistral heaters are highly well-accepted. Customers get enough value for their money from the brand. The company has been operating for almost fifty years and has kept up its tradition of providing consumers with excellent quality and aesthetics.

Water heaters made by Mistral are exceptionally dependable and safe. Additionally, the company has created items that are both highly energy efficient and environmentally sound.

These compact water heaters are the best because they take up less room. The heaters are also effective in controlling temperature. The sleek design of storage water heaters complements the majority of bathroom aesthetics.

The Mistral water heaters also come with other important characteristics:

  • In addition to a 1-year warranty on internal spare parts, you also receive a 5-year warranty on the components
  • The heater can withstand splashes
  • Has a built-in anti-scald technology, making it incredibly dependable and safe
  • Installed with a sliding shower set

Energy saving technology that helps lower your energy bill


9. Champs Instant Water Heaters

In Singapore, Champs has a solid reputation for selling water heaters. It offers clients cutting-edge technology in the majority of its goods. Its water heaters meet most global standards. Also contemporary and slick are the water heater designs.

The company sells showers that are highly dependable and efficient. The designs are frequently updated to keep up with the clients’ evolving needs. Champs’ most advanced water heaters available in Singapore are electric ones.

This heater model provides a great showering experience supported by a dependable water supply. Almost any bathroom style, whether it be in a home or hotel-style apartment, may be matched by the design’s delicate elegance and simplicity.

Champs Instant Water Heater’s main attributes are as follows:

  • Specifically made to stop water splashes from being caused by internal circuits
  • Conserves a significant amount of water since it has flow-controlling stop valves
  • Energy-efficient
  • Provides a revitalising showering experience and includes a massaging shower set
  • It has anti-scald safety features installed. This guarantees that while having a shower, water temperatures won’t rise quickly enough to result in burns


10. Rheem Water Heater-RH388 Instant Water Heater

Unlike other companies, Rheem manufacturers do not offer a wide selection of water heater models. However, they do produce high-quality, extremely safe storage heaters. The base models are also reasonably-priced and provide good value for money.

Rheem provides incredibly effective items. The tanks are constructed using cutting-edge energy-saving technologies and have an insulating coating. This insulation helps the tank keep heat longer, which lowers energy costs.

The Rheem water heater’s main characteristics are as follows:

  • 3.4kg net weight
  • High power effectiveness
  • Includes a system for controlling temperature
  • Comes with a mechanism to prevent burning
  • Equipped with a safety electronic ELCB device
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty on the heating elements and a one-year warranty on leaks
  • It resists rust and water damage
  • There is a flip start flow mechanism in the shower
  • It has a PVC flexible hose installed, making showering suitable for both young and old



After choosing the water heater that is best for your home, always inquire with the vendors about installation and delivery. The installation fees are typically not included in the price of the water heater. The price will vary according to how simple or complex the installation is. Before making a purchase, don’t be afraid to ask all the questions you may have.

Make sure to utilise your water heater properly at all times after installation. Always seek professional assistance if you discover leaks, issues with the heating elements, or changes in the temperature of the water. You should determine whether your warranty covers the issue. For more information on selecting the right water heater, contact us here.


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