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Buyer’s Guide to Perfect Bathtubs

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Bathtubs exist in many different shapes, sizes, designs and more to fit what you need. When it comes to choosing the right bathtub for you, some factors need to be considered.

These factors would be :


These will determine how perfect the bathtub is for you.

Factors for picking a bathtub


The Shape and Design

trojan corner bathtub

Image Source : TROJAN Corner Bathtub

Corner Tubs


Corner Tubs are bathtubs that are designed to be placed on the corner of the bathrooms. The corner tubs exist in various shapes , sizes and configurations to fit what your bathroom size.


Efficient Space Usage – Corner bathtubs are designed to fit in the corner of the bathroom. This will allow it to efficiently use the space inside the bathroom.

Take advantage of angles – They can take advantage of the awkward angles in the bathroom making use of dead spaces and making the bathroom look better.

Flexible shapes and sizes – Corner tubs can exist in many shapes and sizes. This is because they exist in any shape and size to fit in the corner of your bathroom perfectly.

Free for creativity – How the corner tub is designed depends on your creativity. This is because corner tubs can be customized to fit the style you are going for your bathroom. For example, if you want to have an angular shape to fit your bathroom style then you can have a bathtub made to fit that need.

Imitate a spa like atmosphere Corner Bathtubs being tucked away at the corner of bathrooms will create an atmosphere that is both cozy and relaxing similar to that of spas.



Hard to clean Corner bathtub’s large deck space makes it difficult to clean the far corners of the bathtub.

Bulky – For smaller bathrooms, corner bathtubs are not recommended because they often take a large amount of space compared to other bathtubs.

slipper bathtub

Image Source : UKBathrooms

Slipper Bath

Slipper bathtubs are freestanding bathtubs that feature a raised end at one side of the bathtub. The distinctive shape of the bathtub is why it is called the Slipper bathtub due to it resembling that of slippers.

It is known for their elegant and vintage looking design that focuses on giving comfort for the user as well as having an elegant appeal.



High backrest – The raised end functions as a backrest for the user. It helps to provide support for a comfortable reclining position for soaking.

VIntage Look – Slipper bathtubs are known for its classic and luxurious appearance, The design for a slipper bathtub is inspired by vintage Victorian era clawfoot tubs.

Size Variation – These bathtubs exist in many different sizes ranging from small singular person bathtubs to large bathtubs that can fit 2 people.

Freestanding – Freestanding means that the bathtub is not attached to the walls. This allows for more flexibility in where you can put the bathtub in your bathroom.

Relaxation and stress relief – The ergonomic design of the slipper bathtub allows you to enjoy deep soaking that helps to remove stress, improve circulation and relaxes your muscles.

Resale Value – As slipper bathtub is highly wanted, a well maintained slipper bathtub can retain its value better than most bathtubs



Needs a lot of space – Slipper bathtubs need more floor space because of the size of the bathtub.

More planning is needed – Slipper bathtubs require more planning on where to place them in the bathtub because you need to consider how the plumbing is and how you would move around it.

Cost more – Slipper bathtubs are considered a luxury, as they are often seen in luxury bathtubs they would cost significantly higher than your average bathtub.

oval bathtub

Image Source : SIMS Oval Bathtub

Oval Bathtub

The Oval bathtub is the most popular freestanding bathtub design. It is known for its smooth and rounded shape that offers both a simplistic aesthetic look and comfort of use.



Improved comfort – The oval bathtub is seen to have rounded edges throughout the bathtub. The rounded edges help with comfort when lying in the bathtub.

Flexible Placement – The rounded shape does not restrict the places you can put the bathtub. The oval bathtub can be placed in any place inside of the bathroom either in the middle, on the sides of the walls, or at the corner.

Easy to clean – There are no sharp edges in the bathroom. The rounded edges would help make the bathtub easy to clean as there is no need to reach the hard corners of the bathtub.

Elegant Design – Oval bathtub design is simple and elegant that would add to the aesthetics of the bathroom. 



Large Space Requirements – Oval Tubs tend to be bigger than most bathtubs. Make sure that the space inside your bathroom is able to accommodate the oval tub size.

DIfficult seating – An oval bathtub lacks the added back support that other bathtubs such as slipper tubs have that would make it less comfortable to sit in.

square bathtub

Image Source : Square Bathtubs

Square Bathtubs

Square bathtubs are popular in modern houses. Their design fits in with the modern bathroom aesthetic style that many homes nowadays try to aim in their bathroom design. This is because the square bathtub offers a clean and symmetrical look.



Efficient Space Usage – The square shape allows efficient use of the bathroom space as it can fit into any corner or side of the wall without wasting any space.

Simple Installation – The process of installing a square bathtub is much more simpler than any other complex shaped bathtub.

Can be sunken – Square bathtub shapes are the ideal shape for a sunken bathtub design.

Large Deck Space – As Square bathtubs are able to be sunken, it can also provide an extended deck size.



Limited Comfort – square bathtubs do not offer a round smooth surface which will make them less comfortable to sit in.

Difficult to go in and out – The bathtub is not easy to go in and out. It is not recommended for people who have movement difficulties.

Hard to clean edges – The edges of the bathtubs are often hard to reach making is hard to clean.

Pointy Edges – Not the safest option for kids because of the pointy edges that could be a safety hazard.

The Size


How to pick the right size?


Consider the User

Before buying a bathtub, you must consider your ultimate intentions of using the bathtub. Things you need to consider are : 

How Tall Are You?

Need to consider how tall and broad you are, for taller people it is recommended to pick larger bathtubs for maximum soaking comfort.

Your Physical Condition

Bigger bathtubs tend to be harder to get in and out, if you find yourself having difficulties in moving around then maybe consider smaller bathtubs.


Measure your bathroom clearance 

Measure how much space does your bathroom have and consider the ways to bring in the bathtub into the bathroom. 

Bigger bathtubs means there are more considerations of how to install it into the bathroom (As in need to figure out if the bathtub can fit through the bathroom door in the first place).

A general rule of thumb for bathtub measuring is to have enough foot space for you to move around when the bathtub is installed.

The Installation Types

drop in bathtub

Image Source : TROJAN Drop In Bathtubs

Drop-In Tubs Installation

A drop-in bathtub is also known as a sunken bathtub. The bathtub is installed by placing it into a premade platform.

The platform is used as a deck for the bathtub. The deck is useful as it can be used as a place to put most of your hygiene products within arms reach.

Installation of the bathtub of preparing the platform for the bathtub. The platform is prepared by cutting out the shape of the bathtub and placing the bathtub into the platform. After the bathtub is placed, the design for the exterior of the platform can be customized to fit the style of the bathtub.

The drop-in bathtub is popular for its sleek design, abundance of deck space, and potential for creative designs that can be catered to the design of the bathroom.

alcove bathtub

Image Source : Bathdepot.CA

Alcove Tubs Installation

Alcove bathtubs are bathtubs that are designed for an alcove, which is an enclosed area inside a bathroom. They are usually placed in between 3 walls with one side open for entry to the bathtub.

Alcove bathtubs are often used in places where space is limited. Commonly used in places such as apartments, condos, and smaller homes.

The installation process for alcove bathtubs is measuring the space of the alcove to find what size fits the space. Once the space has been measured and the bathtub is chosen, plumbing and pipe installation can be done to fit the bathtub specifications.

Alcove is popular among homeowners due to the practicality, space-saving design, and versatility of the design that fits those looking for a functional and cost-effective bathing solution for their small bathrooms.

The drop-in bathtub is popular for its sleek design, abundance of deck space, and potential for creative designs that can be catered to the design of the bathroom.

freestanding bathtub

Image Source : Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding Tubs Installation

Freestanding means that they stand on their own. In this case a freestanding bathtub installation is the type where the bathtub is not connected to any walls.

Freestanding is often used to place the bathtub in any place in the bathroom. Usually this is done with the intent of having the bathtub as the centerpiece to the bathroom design.

The installation of the bathtub is a bit more complicated than the others. 

Step 1 : Choose your location and make sure the floor is level and strong enough to withstand the bathtub weight.

Step 2 : Install the plumbing, make sure that the installation of the floor-mounted faucet and other fixtures follow the instructions.

Step 3 : Test the tub and adjust the feet accordingly to ensure the tub is stable.

Freestanding installations are popular for homeowners that are seeking to add a touch of luxury and elegance to their bathroom.

corner bathtub

Image Source :

Corner Tubs Installation

Corner Tubs are tubs that are installed at the corner of the bathroom.

The tub is perfect for those who want to efficiently use the space they have in the bathroom. In this case, the corner tub installation takes advantage of the impossible to use corner of the bathroom.

Installation of the corner tub starts with choosing the corner you would like to place your tub. After that, measurements for the corner are taken to choose which bathtub size would be the perfect fit.

If you are satisfied with everything then it is time to prep the tub for fitting the faucets and creating the connections according to the manufacturer’s guideline.

Corner Tubs are popular because they are space efficient, modern and stylish looking bathtubs.


Side Note : Corner tub installation may vary depending on the design of the corner tub so it is important to refer to the manufacturer guideline when installing it.

The Features

Some bathtubs have extra features in them. Depending on what you want it may be something you need to consider before buying a bathtub of your choice.

The extra features for a bathtub is to have it be a jetted tub.

jetted bathtub

Image Source : QualityBathtub


Unlike the usual bathtub experience we get which is just a quiet and calm bathing experience, jetted tubs are addons that can be made on your bathtubs that use air jets to blow gentle air into the water.

The Air jets create a tense water flow in the bathtub. The water flow in the bathtub will give a spa-like experience for the user because the bubbles and the heated air that comes from the air jet will produce bubbles that message you as you use the bathtub.

As a bonus, you can use scented oils and bath salts to give you an Aromatherapy experience that will give your skin a natural glow and help to relieve a lot of daily stress.

Bathtub for HDB

When selecting a bathtub for an HDB apartment, it’s important to consider the available space, functionality, and overall design of your bathroom. 

Here are some bathtub options that could work well in an HDB apartment:


Alcove Bathtub 

Alcove bathtubs are designed to fit into a recessed area between three walls. They are space-efficient and can be combined with a shower, making them a practical choice for HDB bathrooms where space might be limited.


Compact Freestanding Tub 

If you have a bit more space, a smaller freestanding tub could be an option. Look for compact designs that don’t take up too much floor space but still offer a luxurious bathing experience.


Corner Bathtub 

If your bathroom has an empty corner, a corner bathtub could be a smart choice. This allows you to utilize otherwise unused space efficiently.


Shower-Bathtub Combo  

To maximize space, consider a bathtub with an integrated shower. This combo provides both bathing and showering options within a compact footprint.

Additional Shopping Tips

Now you are ready to pick your bathtubs. Before making any final decisions, take some time to read on some additional shopping tips when buying a bathtub.


Material Matters

Bathtubs come in various materials like acrylic, fiberglass, cast iron, stone, and more. 

Each material has different pros and cons in terms of aesthetics, durability, heat retention, and maintenance. Choose a material that suits your preferences and fits your lifestyle.


Water Usage

Larger bathtubs require more water to fill, so consider the water consumption and how it aligns with your sustainability goals.


Budget and Quality

Set a budget for your bathtub purchase and stick to it. 

Keep in mind that quality materials and construction can impact the longevity and overall value of the bathtub.


Warranty and After-Sales Support

Check the manufacturer’s warranty and their reputation for customer service. 

A good warranty can provide peace of mind in case of any defects or issues.


Accessibility and Safety

Consider the accessibility of the bathtub, especially if you have elderly family members or individuals with mobility challenges. 

Look for features like handrails, non-slip surfaces, and easy entry/exit options.


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