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10 Bathroom Accessories for a Modern Bathroom

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Your bathtime can be a rewarding me-time experience after a long grinding day. You can make bathtime especially fun when you have an aesthetically pleasing bathroom with modern fixtures! At Sim Siang Choon, we provide our clients with an array of beautiful and functional bathroom accessories to create their own perfect bathroom. Check out our list of 10 bathroom accessories to give your bathroom a modern makeover:


1. SIMONE Three Tier Corner Glass Shelf #10070

Designed for the corners of your bathroom, this three-tier corner glass shelf offers a space-saving solution for placing your toiletries while reducing clutter in the bathroom. Its dark-coloured background makes for a chic and elegant look. It is also stain-resistant, making it perfect for long-term use with minimal cleaning.


2. SIMONE 5 Hook #10191

Another excellent way to save space in your bathroom is to install multiple hooks instead of just one. Use it to hang your towels, your change of clothes or an air freshener if you may. Plus, have it in black for added elegance and timeless aesthetics. Black is also discolouration-proof, making it more durable in the long run.


3. SIMS Hair Dryer #2911

Nothing says aesthetics quite like having your hair dryer installed in your bathroom – just like in a fancy hotel room! This offers a lot of convenience of having your hairdryer handy just when you need it. Having it installed on the wall also means more space in the cabinet or in the drawer for other things that need storage. As usual, we love the colour black for added elegance and timeless chic.


4. TRUTH Soap Dispenser #9247

If you hate fumbling around with your shower gel bottle while in the shower, then having a soap dispenser installed will save you a lot of time and effort! Just one press or two and you’re good to go. We love this soap dispenser in this lovely chrome colourway – functional and aesthetically pleasing.


5. SIMS Stainless Steel Rinser Set with Multi Spray #10425

Start to be kinder to Mother Earth by opting for a rinser and skipping the toilet tissue altogether. Make your rinser part of your aesthetic bathroom movement with this sleek-looking stainless steel rinser with multi-spray. Super functional, aesthetically pleasing and will save you money on toilet tissue in the long run.


6. SIMS Soap Dish #8914

Nothing says ‘bathroom’ quite like a good, old-fashioned pre-installed soap dish on your shower wall. If you’re someone who prefers to use bar soap, this minimalist metal soap dish is the right one for you. It doesn’t allow water to collect underneath, therefore, it allows the soap to last longer and is effortless to clean too.


7. SIMS Tooth Brush Holder #10149

You can always opt to place your toothbrush on the sink or inside a cup, but water will collect over time and soon you’ll have to deal with a yucky and slimy cup. The easier and cleaner solution? A toothbrush holder. Functional and saves you time from having to do any additional cleaning!


8. VRH BP102L Towel Rack #5591

If you’re someone who’s always running out of wardrobe space from storing your bulky towels in your closet, this is the solution for you! Get a towel rack installed in your bathroom and start placing your towels on it to make room for more clothes in your closet.


9. TROJAN Derwent Bathtub #45649

Drawing yourself a long, luxurious bath is a great way to decompress and destress after a hard day of work. But first, you’ll have to have a bathtub! We love this black and white Trojan Derwent built-in bathtub. It comes in several different sizes to fit your bathroom. Imagine lighting scented candles around this beauty! Very aesthetically pleasing indeed.


10. SIMONE LED Mirror #8594

Get the most flattering view of your face as you’re getting ready to seize the day with this LED mirror. Uber-modern and stylish, having this mirror hanging on the wall will make your bathroom look more aesthetically pleasing. It’s a mirror and decoration all in one!



Planning to give your bathroom a facelift? Installing these bathroom accessories is a surefire way to make your bathroom look instantly modern, stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Best of all, you will soon find yourself wanting to be in your bathroom more often! Get in touch with us or visit our showroom to see more of our bathroom accessories offerings.


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