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Kitchen is one of the areas in the house that should be designed practically in mind. For those who love to cook and prepare meals for their family, a design that can facilitate food preparation is better than just its appearance. Whether it is a big or small space, it is essential that the kitchen is a “working kitchen” because the quality of the food will highly depend on it. So so, these are the things you need to avoid when renovating your kitchen:


Poor Layout

As mentioned above, the kitchen should be a “working area” so its design must follow your “workflow.” Your kitchen “workflow” is somehow personalised because it will include your particular steps when preparing a meal. It will dictate how the storage zone, as well as other food preparation and cooking materials, will be placed. You may also consider grouping the things you need for a particular step. With this at hand, you will now know the layout that will fit you.


Inadequate Countertop Space

The countertop is the part of the kitchen that catches the eyes of your guests. Mostly, it is made of granite while for those who have enough budget, they choose quartz as part of their home-improvement. The countertop is one of the integral parts of the kitchen because it is where you prepare food and place appliances that are regularly needed. Having enough space ensures easier meal preparation. Adequate countertop space reduces the likelihood of bumping any family member who is also in the kitchen. It need not be too big; it only needs to be enough so that you will be comfortable when moving around.


Poor Ventilation

Ventilation is vital in every kitchen because there is always a risk that the smell from the kitchen may permeate in other parts of the house when cooking.  There are range hoods available in the market that you can install above the kitchen stove to help filter the odour. If it is possible, make a window part of your kitchen renovation. In this case, there is proper air circulation as you prepare food for your family.


Limited Storage

Having enough storage for your ingredients, materials, appliances, and utensils is essential in any kitchen. While cabinetry is a default part of the kitchen, it is also lovely to add pull-out drawers if you have many things that need to be stored. Modern kitchens are now coming up with open shelves which make the kitchen look uncluttered.

Give yourself a chance of having your dream kitchen at hand by avoiding these mistakes. At Sim Siang Choon, we have various kitchen and bathroom materials to choose from to make your home something that is both beautiful and functional.


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