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Cooker hood, a commonly overlooked appliance, is one of the most important things to have in the kitchen. These cooker hood or range hood for others help remove unwanted odours, heat and smoke that occur when you cook your favourite dishes. To learn more on why you should need to install a cooker hood in your home, we will share some of its benefits:


1. It Improves the Air Quality Inside Your Home – This is the most important job that a cooker hood does in your kitchen or your house in general. Cooker hoods are designed to get rid of the foul odours, smoke, and grease in the air while you are cooking. It sucks the pollutants and bring them outside or filter them.


2. Lessen the Kitchen Odour – Aside from being an air and home-improvement piece in the kitchen, cooker hood sucks out unpleasant odours and stuffiness brought about by cooking. With it, you and your family can enjoy your prepared meal without lingering on the unwanted smell on the kitchen.


3. Removes Excess Heat – Having a cooker hood can make your cooking a comfortable hobby since it removes the excess heat and steam in the kitchen. Less heat means you will have a more pleasant cooking environment while you are preparing a dish for your family or friends.


4. Stylish Home-Improvement – As mentioned above, having a cooker hood does not just improve air quality. Having one in the kitchen gives your kitchen a stylish upgrade. Cooker hoods come in a wide variety of styles and designs, so you can choose which one will perfectly fit your kitchen and budget.


5. Easier Cleaning – Cooking can cause sticky film and grease buildup on the surfaces in your kitchen. But with a cooker hood, it will be a lot easier to clean because it will prevent grease buildup. Having one will also provide your kitchen with proper ventilation, which decreases the growth of mould and bacteria.

At Sim Siang Choon, we want to share knowledge on how our kitchen and bathroom products can help you in your daily stay at home. Now that we are facing a more challenging situation, our goal is to provide you with products that can help you stay safe and healthy all the time.


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Please, add your first item to the wishlist

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