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Designing kitchens tends to be a little four dimensional, as aesthetic needs to be matched with pragmatism – you can’t make a mess and call it pretty, but you can definitely make sure that the fine line between ambiance and functionality is carefully maintained. Sim Siang Choon is a multidisciplinary retail outlet for the inherent home owner – you want a bathroom set? They’ve got the perfect one. You want a kitchen hood and hob? They’ve got plenty, and what’s desirable about their products is not only the durable quality, but the resilient aesthetic that can match any style of interior décor. Located on 42 Changi South Street 1 – with several other branches strategically and sporadically spread across the country – in the downtown of Singapore, Sim Siang Choon boasts a spacious retail outlet that consists of many beautiful set designs for kitchen and bathroom products. Their retail line consists of all bathroom and kitchen paraphernalia, along with various other units including but not limited to Hydrotherapy. Today, we would be taking a look at some of the best items in their hood and hob collection. The hood, and the hob may be a too much a technical term for a layman, so let’s break it down into simpler words. The hob is the oven range come stove, while the hood is the literal hood that helps ventilate the smoke that comes off while cooking. They are kitchen essentials and need to be long lasting in order for the customer to have paid their dues. Sim Siang Choon offers a unique variety of hood and hobs that are not only complementary with each other, but also offer a universal compatibility with any and all interior design formations. Let us take a look at a few. 1. This chrome plated hood would integrate beautifully within a modern or contemporary designed kitchen. Its elegance comes from its sleek design, and does not hinder any functional aspects of this hood. THE-HOOD-AND-THE HOB-YOUR-KITCHEN-NECESSITIES-2

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Sim Siang Choon

2. This double faceted hood and hob design considers both aesthetics and functionality equal portions of its design. Its style is slightly commercial but would definitely look at home in a conventional residential setting too. THE-HOOD-AND-THE HOB-YOUR-KITCHEN-NECESSITIES-3

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Sim Siang Choon

3. This sleek, black hob design is aesthetically pleasing and would definitely become a pragmatic centerpiece for a carefully designed kitchen. Its sleek, swanky look would be most suited for an island installation. THE-HOOD-AND-THE HOB-YOUR-KITCHEN-NECESSITIES-4  

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Sim Siang Choon

4. This chrome plated hob is all swanky class as well as functionality and would right in within any traditional or transitional style kitchen. THE-HOOD-AND-THE-HOB-YOUR-KITCHEN-NECESSITIES

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Sim Siang Choon

5. This a la mode hood fits right in with any cabinet design you can think off while not destroying the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. It’s a uniquely contemporary design, and Sim Siang Choon offers it in the best of range.   THE-HOOD-AND-THE HOB-YOUR-KITCHEN-NECESSITIES-5  

Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Sim Siang Choon

We hope this customized list helps you select the best items to fit into your individual home interiors.


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