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Ten Amazing Bathroom Design Ideas You Can Do In Singapore

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Bathrooms are a hot topic in interior design this year, and we love it! The days of the lowly bathroom being purely functional are over; in the future, it will completely eclipse its modest beginnings with comparable aesthetics. Modern bathroom designs provide much more than meeting the most basic needs, quickly evolving into at-home sanctuaries resembling private spas. Take a look at our top 10 bathroom design ideas for your Singapore home in 2023!


1. The Wet Room

The Wet Room
The wet room answers the separation problem that plagues bathroom designers. The rest is made simpler by building an internal shell that can resist the moisture of a shower. One benefit is that the bath, sink, and shower can all fit in the same space, eliminating the need for a separate shower cubicle. These rooms are also wonderful for maximising floor space and are simple to keep clean.


2. Cotton Candy and Pastel Hues

Cotton Candy and Pastel Hues
This soft colour trend is a reminder of the sweeter things in life and a happy, homey childhood. Bright and cheery decor in shades of cotton candy and bubblegum is ideal for a smaller-spaced home. Additionally, they will undoubtedly give you the morning energy boost you require to prepare for your day.


3. Black Beauty

Black Beauty
Nothing spells classy quite like a dark-toned bathroom. This tone especially looks popping with stand-out metallic fixtures or a matte black bathtub. In addition to its classy look, you’ll also be pleased that this colourway is more forgiving and requires lower maintenance, allowing you more time between cleaning.


4. Wood-look Tiles

Wood-look Tiles
Overall, the interior design trend is becoming more natural and sustainability-driven than in previous years. It translates to more organic, tactile materials for floors and walls. Wood can expand and contract in an uncontrolled atmosphere, so wood-look tiles are a fantastic substitute. Vertical tiles, one of the favourite bathroom tile patterns of 2023, may give a smaller space an elongated look.


5. Monochromatic Colour Scheme

Monochromatic Colour Scheme
You don’t need a wide variety of tiles in various hues in your bathroom. This bathroom design shows that monochromatic colours can be used to great effect. A monotone bathroom can actually be stylish and modern. The main challenge is adding depth to these areas through various textures and scales. In light of this, Cemcrete walls and large format stone tiles will serve as a good foundation for necessities and accents.


6. Punchy Basin Design

Punchy basin design
A small space shouldn’t be an excuse for lacking style. For instance, the punchy basin design is chic, svelte, and suitable for the tiniest places – like most apartments and condos in Singapore. In fact, these charming and sophisticated basins may entice you to forego a larger design


7. Unified Finishing

Unified Finishing
A small bathroom with too many fixtures and components may look crowded. Follow fashion’s example on this one and choose a unified finish over various fits. One finish and style unifies bathroom decor and gives it a polished, perfect appearance.


8. Statement Wallpaper

Statement Wallpaper
A primary bathroom presents an opportunity to indulge in opulent extras, such as distinctive wallpaper. Magnified blooms or flowing designs create a striking background for the contemporary bathroom. Furthermore, it makes applying finishing touches a lot simpler. For instance, a stunning wall design goes well with an upholstered chair and a delicate chandelier.


9. A Slice of Zen

Zen Interior Design
Interior design trends like Japandi – a hybrid style inspired by Japanese design – are taking off in Singapore. It makes sense, given how serene and soothing these designs are. We predict that bathrooms using Japanese design concepts and styles will appear more frequently in homes and hotels.


10. Whites and Greens

white and green design
Each space requires a few finishing touches for a polished and finished appearance. Living greens and accent stools are the best options for smaller spaces with minimalist designs. With so many alternatives, you may choose the perfect piece to complement the design of your area. Beyond being useful, these items provide vitality to otherwise cold and lifeless areas.


So, Which Design is Yours?

You can get whatever you want in Singapore, whether you just need a simple bathroom facelift or a complete overhaul. At Sim Siang Choon, we carry a wide range of bathroom accessories and fixtures that offer both functionality and aesthetics. Do you wish to learn more? Then get in touch with us with your chosen design concept, and we’ll assist you in selecting the appropriate bathroom accessories!


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