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The bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in the house (next to the kitchen), but it is also the most used, so it can quickly become dirty. Dirt is where germs and other bacteria live, that’s why maintaining the bathroom clean also means keeping it germ-free.

To help you keep your bathroom “germ-free,” here are some simple steps you might consider:


Keep the Counter Dry

Aside from keeping it clean and neat, it is also essential to maintain its dryness. Have a clean cloth ready, so that you can wipe any spills on the counter. You may also use bathroom storage and organizers for all bathroom items as well as your beauty products. Clutter-free counter means there are small chances of spilling on the counter.


Clean the Dust Daily

If you have an exhaust fan in your bathroom, it is essential to clean the dust daily. Dust tends to accumulate easily in the exhaust fan, which makes it inefficient. Daily wiping of the surfaces also prevents dust buildup, so make it a habit to wipe every day.


Regularly Clean the Toilet

There are many toilet cleaners available in the market. Whichever you use, make it a habit to use it regularly, as it will help you clean the toilet thoroughly. Cleaning the toilet regularly will help lessen the germ buildup. Also, to keep the toilet clean, make sure to close the lid when not in use.


Take Out Full Trash Bin

It is always good to have a trash can near the toilet, but what’s not good is not taking it out whenever it’s already full. Make it a habit to dispose of the trash regularly, or as needed. A full trash can, aside from being an eyesore, it also a home for germs. Stay safe by emptying it as much as possible.


Mop the Floor

Clean bathroom floor means safety. Aside from there is a lesser tendency to have accident, clean and dry flooring will help germs and bacteria move away from your bathroom. Mop the floor regularly and keep it as dry as possible.

We, at Sim Siang Choon, offer home-improvement items for your bathroom and kitchen to help you maintain a clean, germ-free place to live.


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