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A cluttered kitchen can make anyone feel like there is not enough space in the area. When this problem arises, the kitchen organisation is a necessity. We have scooped up some ideas on how you can organise your kitchen and make the most of your existing storage and unused space.


Take Out Everything

The first thing to do before doing any organising job is to empty the space and sort things out. Determine which items are taking up unnecessary space in your kitchen and check if you have things that you do not need anymore and put them in one box. If there are things that are not working anymore, consider putting it in the trash. On the other hand, if you have a duplicate appliance, consider selling or donating it. Remember that the goal is to clear as much space as possible.


Group Similar Things Together

After sorting which ones you use regularly, those you do not use frequently, and those that you do not use, it is now time to group similar things. You may arrange the items according to their usage. For example, you can pile all baking items in one corner and put all your cooking items on the other area. For the glassware, you can group the plates and glasses in one cabinet together with the spoons and forks. You can put the items that are not used regularly like holiday sets in closed storage.


Use The Vertical Spaces

Check the spaces around your kitchen. If you can see vertical areas that remain unused, you might want to consider turning it into storage. Use vertical wire wares to make those spaces useful. You can put your wines or other long cooking utensils like spatulas and turners on these spaces. Placing hooks underneath the cabinets to hang mugs and teacups is also a good idea. Another home-improvement trick is to hang adhesive hooks to hold pots and pans inside the pantry or cabinet doors.


Take Out Only What You Need

Apart from any parts of the home, kitchen and bathroom must look clean all the time. To do this, make sure to take out only those items and appliances that you need regularly. Let all others remain inside the cabinets for a clean, uncluttered look.

Organising kitchen is not hard at all. We, at Sim Siang Choon, have various products to help you maintain the shipshape appearance of your kitchen.


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