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Implementing precautionary measures in every business establishment is one of the ways to fight against coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the country. The well-being of our customers, as well as our employees, is our top priority that is why we are currently practising the following safety measures to make sure that everyone is protected:


1. Social Distancing – In all of our showrooms, we increase physical distance among employees and customers to reduce the risk of virus transmission. We have yellow tapes 1 metre apart at counters, lounges area and vending machines. We also follow social distancing guidelines, such as avoiding large gathering in all our showrooms.


2. Presence Of Hand Sanitisers And Usage Of Thermometer – Promoting personal hygiene, as mentioned by the World Health Organisation (WHO), is the best way to fight COVID-19. Therefore, we make sure that we provide sanitisers in our showrooms. They are placed on conspicuous areas like sales counters so that our customers can use them any time they feel they need it. We also have a thermometer and check everyone who enters the establishment to make sure everyone is safe upon entering our showroom.


3. Regular Disinfection – Though we are already practising routine cleaning of our showroom before the pandemic happened, we double our job of making sure that our bathroom and kitchen products are well-disinfected before we open each of our showrooms. We also disinfect the floor and every corner and surfaces to guarantee safety to everyone.


4. Check Our Employees’ Temperature – We know that we can assist our customers better if our employees are in good health, so we check our employees’ temperature every morning. All our employees are also encouraged to self-monitor for signs and symptoms. Also, we strictly follow covering coughs and sneezes all the time.


5. Maintain Well-Ventilated Space – Our showrooms are big enough to maintain well-ventilation to our customers. We make sure to arrange our products properly so it will be easy for everyone to move around without hesitation.

At Sim Siang Choon, more than providing help in the home-improvement needs of our customers, our priority is their safety. We will continue to improve our current measures to make sure that our establishment is safe against any diseases.


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Please, add your first item to the wishlist

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