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Should You Use Gas Or Electric Water Heater

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A hot water heater’s normal lifespan is between 8–15 years, and the day will eventually come when you must replace it. When looking for a  new water heater, you must decide whether to get a gas or an electric one.

Although the majority of homeowners typically lean towards the kind of water heater they previously owned, you must also consider a hot water system that is ideal for your home. In this article, we have outlined the benefits and drawbacks of electric and gas water heaters to assist you in deciding which type of hot water system you might choose. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of gas and electric water heaters:


1. Accessibility

An electric water heater is often simpler to use in terms of operation than a regular gas water heater. The resources needed to power an electric water heater are also more readily available to households when comparing the accessibility advantages of electric water heaters with gas systems.

This is due to the fact that most residents in Singapore have access to electricity. A sizable portion of rural and suburban communities worldwide may also lack access to natural gas. This makes managing an electric water heater considerably easier in various local settings.


2. Efficiency

Electric water heaters are more efficient when compared to gas units in terms of heating capacity. Despite the fact that natural gas is less expensive than other fuels, gas-powered hot water heaters use more energy to operate and emit waste into the environment.

Gas-powered water heaters are less efficient than electric water heaters because the gas transfers some heat out, wasting energy in the process. However, an electric heater will warm water using most of the energy it receives, making it more energy-efficient. That said, some gas heaters with high energy efficiency use less energy overall. Usually, these systems will be marked with the ‘Energy Star’ logo.


3. Price

Gas and electric water heaters are almost equally expensive overall. The average upfront cost for a gas water heater is between $1,300 and $2,600. Because of this, gas heaters have higher initial costs than electric heaters.

However, because natural gas is generally inexpensive, your entire monthly utility expense will still be reduced. This is the opposite case for electric water heaters: an electric heater often has a lower initial cost, ranging from $950 to $1,500, but a higher overall monthly cost.


4. Maintenance

According to a study comparing the two types of heaters, gas water heaters are said to require higher maintenance than electric water heaters.

To prevent deposits from amassing at the bottom of the tank, you’ll need to have both systems cleansed on a regular basis. To avoid gas leaks or sediment buildup, the gas line and gas tanks for the heaters must be routinely inspected. In any event, to maintain the longevity of your water heater, we advise having at least an annual checkup performed on both systems.


5. Installation

The installation process is simple for both gas and electric water heaters. On the other hand, switching from an electric unit to a gas water heater can be rather challenging.

This is because switching from an electrical to a gas-powered water heater necessitates the installation of a new vent, which requires drilling or cutting through the side of your house. As a result, the installation price will be costlier, and the process will be more time-consuming.


6. Environmental factors

Electric heaters are obviously better for the environment. These technologies cause less damage to the environment because they are energy-efficient and are fuelled by renewable energy sources.

On the other hand, gas water heaters require natural gas that is extracted from the Earth. This causes a significant amount of greenhouse gases to be released into the atmosphere. Gas heaters are hence less environmentally beneficial as a whole.



There are many factors to consider when choosing between a gas or an electric water heater. You can decide based on your personal preference and factors such as your budget, efficiency and maintenance requirements, among other things. Need to know more about your water heater options? Contact us for more information on the brands and types of water heaters we carry in our showroom. 


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