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As you begin your journey in choosing between electric and gas cooker, you are likely to face a dilemma of which is a better option? There isn’t a direct answer as a myriad of factors should be considered. Let us dive in to understand some comparison. The Pros Of A Gas Cooker And Electric Cookers Gas cookers offer an instant and easy way to control the heat and allow the heat flow to spread evenly across the base of your kitchenware. This means less time spent on stirring and preparing a properly cooked dinner. Depending on the market cost, gas tends to be cheaper than electricity and the extra saving might give you more mileage in dishing out a sumptuous meal. On the other hand, with electric cooker, it might be an easier experience to clean given that the surface of the hob is flat. As such, you can have more time with your loved ones after a nice meal.  Electric cookers are likely to get heated up easily thus allowing the contents of a pan to be easily cooked. Likewise, you can control the temperature more accurately. Furthermore, with a growing lifestyle change, electric cookers can have a multifunction oven. This is an ideal option for a family who loves using the grill and fan simultaneously. Imagine using a smaller flame heat to grill a thicker piece of meat. Building on this, electric oven provides a more even temperature environment with a better heat circulation flow. This means it is easier to achieve a consistent result, especially if you have many guests and requires multiple baking sessions. At Sim Siang Choon, our diverse range of electric cookers options can meet your dynamic lifestyle needs. There’s always more than one option to fit your living aspiration. The Cons Of A Gas Cooker And Electric Cookers Using a gas cooker tend to require more time in cooking. Gas cookers are generally slower than electric cookers since it takes a longer time to heat up a large pan of food. You might find yourself working in your kitchen for a longer period of time before the delicious delicacy is served. In addition with gas cookers, the cleaning can be tough. As dirt and food can get stuck in the cookers and require more effort to have a thorough cleaning process. You will also need to get certified installers to install a gas cooker as it requires some technical expertise. One of the common pitfalls of the electric cooker is that the inductor tends to heat longer than the gas cooker. Hence, after the power is switched off, you might continue to experience the cooking process of a longer moment. Building on these tips, you can have an objective guideline to choose a right cooker for your home!


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