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Cleaning is always a part of cooking in the kitchen. In Singapore, where there is a fast-paced of lifestyle, cleaning the kitchen is considered a frustrating task that might consume more than the time one spends in cooking. Good news, as part of the continuous innovation, kitchen cooker hood is here to help us get rid of the sticky grease in many parts of our kitchen.

Let’s take a look at how it can help you with your home-improvement while savouring our precious time with more important things:


Kitchen Cooker Hood Keeps Sticky Grease Away  – Cooking in the kitchen creates smoke, steam and the most annoying grease particles that arise from the cooking surface. This grease finds their way on the countertop, kitchen cabinets and their handles, walls, and sometimes, even the flooring. With kitchen cooker hood, fumes are effectively captured, which means, lesser grease around the kitchen.


Kitchen Cooker Hood Minimises Smoke – One inevitable thing in the kitchen, aside from grease, is the smoke. Having a cooker hood is a worthwhile investment as it can help improve the quality of the air in your kitchen. It enables you to clean your kitchen easier since there are lesser pollutants during and after the cooking process.


Kitchen Cooker Hood Lessens Cleaning Nightmare  – Having a cooker hood in the kitchen helps you minimise the cleaning time that you usually do every time you cook. It functions as your partner in one of the most tedious chores at home. Imagine a “less to no-grease” kitchen surface. That is what your kitchen will look like if you choose to install a cooker hood.


Kitchen Cooker Hood Keeps Your Home Healthy  – Aside from helping you breathe clean air, kitchen cooker hood keeps your kitchen cleaner by getting rid of grease. It also enables you to lessen the trash can odours as well as the excess moisture from the dishwasher. Installing a cooker hood can help put your health at lesser risk.

At Sim Siang Choon, our utmost priority is to help you experience kitchen and bathroom innovation by providing you products that will offer you more convenience at home.


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