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When buying a cooker or a hob, it is always important to know the features of the product that you will add in your kitchen. Aside from the size and design, the following difference between induction and ceramic hob can help you decide which one to choose for your home-improvement.


Creation of Heat

The significant difference between a ceramic cooker and an induction hob is how they create heat.

  • Ceramic cooker has coiled metal elements under its tempered ceramic glass. These coils are heated electronically heated to get the desired temperature. When the coils heat the surface, it warms the cookware. The elements continuously do the on and off cycle during use to make accurate controls.
  • Induction hob features powerful, high-frequency electromagnet elements instead of heated coils. These elements generate a magnetic field that heats up the right steel cookware used. There is no heat generated by the hob, itself. Instead, it only heats the pan while the hob remains cool.


Control over Heat

  • Ceramic cooker needs time to heat up while Induction hob offers more cooking control since it can quickly respond to the change in heat settings.
  • Induction hobs can provide almost instant heat adjustment because there is no need to wait for the elements to heat up or cool down.



  • Ceramic cooker offers slower speed because the coiled elements need time to heat up and cool down. Also, there is a delay in heating the cookware. The delay is caused by the heat loss each time it transfers from the hob to the cookware.
  • Induction hob has a magnetic field that can heat the pan instantly. Since no heat is lost into the cooktop surface during use, the cooking speed is faster than a ceramic cooker.



  • Ceramic cooker heats up, which can burn food in its surface. Though it has a flat and smooth surface, when cleaning, it is essential to wipe spills to make sure that the burnt food will not cause harder maintenance in the future.
  • Induction hobs, on the other hand, do not heat up the glass surface, so simple wiping of the surface will be enough.


At Sim Siang Choon, our pride is bringing high-quality kitchen and bathroom products to our customers. We also provide buying tips like this article to help them choose the best products for their home.


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