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Living in an HDB flat in Singapore means living in a limited space. With limited space at hand, most have to say goodbye to a luxury-looking, picturesque-type of a bathroom. But not being granted with the luxury of space does not mean it cannot be aesthetically pleasing. In fact, a little bit of creativity can turn a simple, dull personal space into a luxury, grand-looking one. Let us give you some ideas on how to turn your bathroom from bland to grand:


1. Let The Mirror Create A Statement

Just like in the kitchen, a statement wall can create any room extra amazing – including the bathroom. To make it stand out, a mirror can do the job, especially if the room has limited space. Mirrors create an illusion that space has a bigger space than what it truly has. Mirrors do not only create a statement, but it can also make a difference if it has a unique style and design than the usual ones.


2. Let The Light Make It Bright

Good lighting is essential in every part of the house. This is also true in the bathroom. It can make or break the look of any space, especially if it has only limited space. Warm lighting is perfect if the ambience you want for your personal space is like the ones in the resorts and hotels while natural lighting is your bathroom type is more on the outdoor style. Choose the mood you want you to achieve and let it come out through lights.


3. Let The Bathtubs Make You Feel Relaxed

However simple, bathtubs add a touch of elegance in any bathroom. It encourages you to take away your stress and relax after a long day of work or studies. Make bathtubs part of your home-improvement if you still do not have one. Limited space is not a hindrance. You only need to check on different types of bathtub that may suit your space at home.


4. Let The Plants Bloom Their Beauty

Plants and flowers help draw the eye up in the bathroom. For a more elegant look, pick galvanized planters and put fresh-looking plant like aloe vera or flower-like orchids and place it in one corner of the bathroom. This can also make the limited space in the bathroom appear bigger. To maintain its beauty, make sure to water it regularly and place it under the sun as needed. Plants allow the natural beauty of the space to bloom while doing its job of purifying the air in the bathroom.


5. Let Your Eyes Indulge In Classy Containers

Beautiful bottles, eye-catching but glamorous dispensers for your body wash, lotion, shampoo, and other bathroom essentials may be small details but it can create a different glam in the bathroom. It need not be those that come in sets but make sure that there is a colour, shape, or texture pattern. Glass containers are the top pick if you want to create a space filled with luxe and special ambience.

Making your bathroom look luxurious is not that hard. As mentioned, a little touch of creativity is your partner. We, at Sim Siang Choon, provides bathroom accessories that can turn your imagination into reality!


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