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Did you know that you flush down at least 30 gallons of water every time you push that small button on your commode? Or that constant water flow from a perpetually open bathroom tap can harm your product and shorten its relative life span? Sim Siang Choong – a trailblazer in the bathroom and kitchen design industry – is well aware of all your bathroom related grievances, and constantly tries to come up with solutions that will enhance your experience in pragmatic as well as aesthetically appealing ways. Need to conserve water because you’re an environmentalist? Sim Siang Choon’s latest bathroom tap collection is all about saving that precious water from literally wasting down the drain. Need to retain the aesthetics? Well, fear not – Sim Siang Choon offers nothing but the best when it comes to designing great visuals. Below, let’s look at the best products in their collection.

1. Birillo

The Brillio series is one of a kind – the first collection of taps that has been entirely produced through brass bar machining. Back in the early 2000’s, this used to be the epitome of technological as well as aesthetical innovation – literally the highest block on the advent tier. Even today walks a fine line between beauty and usefulness. The Brillo’s clean, linear design is universal and would fit in any style of bathroom interior design. EFFICIENCY-WITH-STYLE–SIM-SIANG-CHOON-DELECTABLE-BATHROOM-TAP-COLLECTION

2. Elle

This collection has been specifically designed to emulate simplicity and elegance. With square-ish lines, clean profiles and a modern elegance to boot, this series is the epitome of stylish. Its trendy design would fit right inside any kind of a bathroom interior. The ELLE and EFFE mixer lines set this particular series of bathroom taps apart. These two design variants could be selected on choice. The washbasin for both versions is available in three different sizes – now you can customize your bathroom accessories to the fullest. EFFICIENCY-WITH-STYLE–SIM-SIANG-CHOON-DELECTABLE-BATHROOM-TAP-COLLECTION-2

3. Level

This tap series offers one of the most timeless designs you will ever see. With rounded profiles and straight lines, this collection is all about matching juxtaposing concepts in a distinctive way. This series offers four variants of Levers (Standard, Asta, Cubo and Piatta) for four different spouts (Standard, Waterfall, Round and Flat) to create a customized facet design. EFFICIENCY-WITH-STYLE–SIM-SIANG-CHOON-DELECTABLE-BATHROOM-TAP-COLLECTION-3

4. Light

Tiny but effective, this series is all about appreciating the contemporary design. The unprecedented harmony and proportions of the design work completely in tandem with the simplicity of the actual product. It would be important to note that the Light series consist of floor mount models of freestanding basin and bath mixers with a hand-shower and diverter. EFFICIENCY-WITH-STYLE–SIM-SIANG-CHOON-DELECTABLE-BATHROOM-TAP-COLLECTION-4

5. Nettuno

A casual but classic design, the Nettuno is all about emulating the contemporary imprints into the designs of the future. This tap series offers a unique but familiar design, as well as a universality that will certainly be appreciated by all. EFFICIENCY-WITH-STYLE–SIM-SIANG-CHOON-DELECTABLE-BATHROOM-TAP-COLLECTION-5


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