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Whether it is to answer the call of nature or for a relaxing shower after a hectic day, the bathroom is no short of being a personal sanctuary for our daily activities. While most homes do not have a large bathroom, it does not necessarily mean we have to constrain our design thoughts to this little space. #1     Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint Or Wall Covering Instead of a dull white paint that resembles the conventional interior theme, consider having a new paint that is delightful to the visual look. For an airy and breezy feel, consider having a light hue to brighten up space. If you are exploring a more “box” and cosy feel, a darker contrast colour will give the desired look. #2     Enhance Your Shower Experience After a tired day of work, you yearn for a comfortable shower. Imagine having a rain shower facility in your home that helps you to recharge after a long day. It is created to imitate rain and provides leisure for an enjoyable shower experience as if it is a natural rain. The nozzles provide the exit points for the water to flow gently on your body with a tinge of soothing effect for a complete relaxation. At Sim Siang Choon, you can explore diverse options of rain shower accessories available. It’s time to make natural drizzle possible in your private space. #3     The Right Bathroom Sink There is no doubt that the bathroom sink is one of the most important fixtures. There are diverse possibilities of options ranging from the finishes, materials to the installation types. The drop-in-sinks is probably the most common type of bathroom. Similar to its name, the sink is sunk below the countertop, with a lip resting on the contour of the countertop. Essentially, the lip plays a critical role to prevent water from infiltrating into the cracks of the countertop, especially if they are made of laminate. #4     Add A Dose Of Greenery Greenery goes a long way to help soften the concrete interior of your bathroom. It helps to provide a refreshing breeze to an otherwise dull area. A small pot of plank or flowery wallpaper helps to give a natural touch to the private space. You can improve your living experience with a scented candle for their soothing sensual touch. Creating a comfortable and lively bathroom in your home need not be an overwhelming experience. With these little tips, you can have a guiding map to explore different possibilities for your living space. What’s more, Sim Siang Choon’s specialist can help you identify the right option based on your living aspiration.


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