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Kitchen woks revolve around the sink. From preparation and cooking of food up to the cleaning of kitchen utensils, these involve the sink. Depending on the lifestyle that you are into, the sink should match your kitchen needs. To be able to choose the right kitchen sink, you must need to think first about how the sink is being used in your kitchen. After which, the following features must be considered: 1. The Appropriate Size The first to consider when selecting the right kitchen sink is the size. The larger the size of the sink, the more space for washing dishes is provided. On the other hand, having a large sink can also mean lesser space for countertop for those who have smaller kitchen. Also, the size of the sink must fit the existing cabinet unless there is an ongoing overall home-improvement where the size of the cabinets will be customized depending on the size of the chosen sink. Also, the size of the sink must be based on the size of the kitchen. 2. The Suited Style Just like the size, the style of the sink is one of the most critical parts of choosing the right sink. The trendiest style now is the farmhouse sink. It is usually large, deep and rectangular in shape and the front of the sink is exposed. This type is ideal for those who spend a lot of time cooking or baking. The most popular one is the undermount sink because it has various colors and materials that can fit any style of kitchen. Another option is the drop-in sink which is known for an easy do-it-yourself installation and is said to be the most affordable one. In choosing the style of your sink, it should also be suited to your kitchen needs. 3. The Type Of Installation There are three basic way of installing sinks: self-rimming, undermount and flush mount. Self-rimming or the drop-in sink, as mentioned above is the easiest to install. This type of sink is perfect for laminated countertops. Undermount sink is the one that is attached under the countertop. It usually works well with granite, marble and engineered stone countertops. For tiled countertops, the drop-in sink is the perfect match. The tile is installed so that it is flushed with the mounting flange of the sink. This usually uses grout between the edge of the sink and the tiles in the countertop. Just like in the bathroom, a new sink can give the kitchen an improved look. Customization of the kitchen is always a good idea but it should be noted that in choosing the right sink, the style must also be equal to efficiency that it can bring to the kitchen. We, at Sim Siang Choon, being one of the pioneers of one-stop shop of products in Singapore, provide wide range of kitchen and bathroom products essential for home improvement and renovation needs.


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