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Kitchen Taps – A Buyers Guide To Getting The Perfect One

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Buyer’s Guide to Kitchen Taps

Kitchen taps are important not only for their functionality but also for the visual aesthetics they provide.

Currently, there are a lot of different kitchen taps for sale that vary in terms of their design and functionality that it provides. 


So, How would you find the right kitchen tap for you?

Look no further than our comprehensive buyer’s guide to buying a kitchen tap. 

Join us as we talk about all the important points you need to know whenever you need to choose a kitchen tap based on the functions they provide and the visual appeal that they provide.

Types of Kitchen Taps

Single-handle taps

paffoni kitchen tap

PAFFONI RED183CR Pull-out Sink Mixer

Single-handle taps, also known as single-lever taps, are taps that have only a single handle for controlling the flow of the water & temperature of water. 

Single-handle taps typically consist of a single lever or handle positioned either on the top or side of the faucet body. 

These taps are available in various styles and finishes, ranging from classic chrome to contemporary matte black. 

Because of this, the tap is widely used in many modern kitchen designs.



It can save space – Single-handle taps require less space on the countertop or sink. 

This space saving feature that they have makes them ideal for kitchens with limited space.

Ease of use – The single lever design is very easy to use. 

This design makes it easy for anyone to know how to use them without needing to fumble around with the tap to find the right temp or water flow.

Sleek appearance – Single-handled taps often provide a simple look. 

This is perfect as the simplicity of the design offers a sleek appearance that is perfect for a modern designed kitchen.



Temperature fluctuations – The main weakness of the tap is whenever there is instability in the water flow. 

A sudden burst of water can change the temperature of the water coming out of it.

Limited temperature control – While single-handle taps offer convenient temperature adjustment, they may not be as precise as dual taps. 

This may be an issue for those seeking for something more accurate in the temperature of the water. 

Dual taps allow for separate control of hot and cold water.

Potential for wear and tear – The internal mechanisms of single-handle taps may be more complex than those of dual taps.

This complexity will be the leading cause for increasing the likelihood of potential issues such as leaks or drips over time.

Dual-Handle Taps

dual kitchen tap

PAFFONI FBLV180 Sink Mixer

Kitchen taps with separate handles for managing the hot and cold water flows are referred to as dual-handle taps, or two-handle taps.

The hot and cold water flows are adjusted by means of separate handles. 

This classic shape matches a variety of kitchen types and provides accurate temperature control with a classic look.

There are numerous designs, finishes, and permutations for these taps.

One piece of advice while choosing one is to decide on the type of decor you want.



Precise temperature control – Dual-handle taps allow users to adjust the water temperature with precision by independently controlling the hot and cold water flow. 

Timeless aesthetic – The design of a dual handle taps is considered timeless because they can complement both modern kitchen design and classic traditional design.



Space requirements – Dual Taps require more space in order to properly install it. This makes it less favorable for kitchens that have limited space.

Less intuitive operation – The dual tap function of controlling temperature is more complex than the usual single handle. 

This can cause some users to struggle when adjusting the temperature of the water tap for the first time.

Potential for temperature fluctuations – In rare cases, the mechanism for the dual taps might experience wear and tear which can lead to having the temperature of the water to be inconsistent.

Pull-Out and Pull-Down Taps

paffoni pull out kitchen tap


Pull-out and pull-down kitchen taps are taps that have a spray head that can be pull out. (In other word it has a hose)

The retractable hose makes it easy to use for routine kitchen clean-ups, which is a helpful cleaning feature.

Usually there are several spray settings that the kitchen tap provides such as stream and spray. 

These feature are usually available on the spray head to meet various cleaning and rinsing requirements.



Increased flexibility – Activities like dishwashing, filling pots, and sink cleaning are made easier by the retractable spray head.

This is because it help users to reach and rinse objects in the sink with greater ease.

Versatile spray options –  Pull-out and pull-down taps frequently include many spray settings, including an aerated stream and a strong spray.

A piece of decoration – These retractable sprays are often used for kitchens that are aiming for this modern high tech style.



Possibility of hose wear and strain – Over time, the retractable hose system may be subject to wear and tear. 

This would be the number one cause for leaks and other tap related issues.

Complexity of installation – In order to fit the retractable hose mechanism, installing pull-out and pull-down taps may require extra plumbing work or changes. 

The increase in complexity would often lead to higher installation fee and time. (Because of this, these kind of taps are not popular to those who are on a strict budget)


Now that you have chosen the type of kitchen taps for your kitchen, now you need to consider the materials that you want for your kitchen tap.

The list of materials that kitchen taps can be made out of are as follows : 

  • Stainless Steel – Stainless steel are known to be the go to for kitchen taps because they are know for their durability and resistance toward corrosion.

  • Brass – Brass is also a material that is popular to people. The color of brass is perfect for those that want to have a steampunk ish design as their kitchen taps.

    The Main issue with brass is that the material is prone to damage from corrosion if it is not properly maintained.

  • Plastic – A budget friendly option to buying a kitchen taps. However with the cheap price of the plastic material the main issue that it has is that it is less durable.

    This require you to change the tap more often than usual.


Side Note : All of these options have an option to have it chrome coated to have a shiny look to the tap. However having it chrome may cause it to be susceptible towards scratc

Maintenance and Care (Extra Tips)

Now that you have selected the best kitchen taps that fits with what you need, how do you care for it?

Here are some quick tips to keeping it at top shape : 


Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is the simplest way to keep your kitchen tap in top shape. 

Depending on the water quality in your area, in some cases the water would be “hard water” that has some mineral buildup through prolonged usage.


Checking for Leaks

Keep an eye for leaks, leaks are often the 1st sign that your kitchen taps have an issue that needs to be fixed. If you do find a leak in your kitchen tap, it is advised to deal with it before it leads to any bigger issue down the line.

Top 10 best kitchen taps to buy in Singapore


HANSA Hansapolo 5148 Kitchen Mixer

hansapolo kitchen mixer

Type : Single Handled Tap Design

Description : This kitchen tap is a mixer tap which allows you to control the water temperature by moving the handle either to the right or the left.

Buy It Here : HANSA Hansapolo 5148 Kitchen Mixer


paffoni b1182 kitchen tap

Type : Single Handled Tap Design

Description : This kitchen tap is a mixer tap which allows you to control the water temperature by moving the handle either to the right or the left.

This tap is also available in chrome


Buy It Here : PAFFONI B1182


square kitchen tap

Type : Single Tap One-hole sink mixer

Description : This kitchen tap is a One-hole sink mixer design that is rectangular.

This tap is also available with a swiveling spout with inox flex

Buy It Here : PAFFONI EF880CR


classic design kitchen mixer tap

Type : Single Handled Tap Design

Description : This single handled tap is perfect for those who are looking for that classic kitchen design. 

This is a tap is a sink mixer meaning it will have hot and cold water temperature controller.

Buy It Here : PAFFONI FME181BR Sink Mixer

PAFFONI FBLV180 Sink Mixer

dual kitchen tap

Type : Dual Handled Tap Design

Description : This is a dual handle kitchen tap that supports both cold and hot water. The temperature can be adjusted by turning the respective taps to the preferred temperature.

This is a tap is a sink mixer meaning it will have hot and cold water temperature controller.

Buy It Here : PAFFONI FBLV180 Sink Mixer

SIMS Pull Out Sink Mixer

pull out sink mixer

Type: Pull Out Kitchen Tap Design

Description: This is a pull-out kitchen tap for easier cleaning and filling, offering flexibility and convenience.

This tap is retractable meaning it will offer flexibility for kitchen tasks.

Buy It Here: SIMS Pull Out Sink Mixer

SIMS Pull Out Sink Mixer

sims sink mixer

Type: Stainless Steel Pull Out Tap Design

Description: This is a pull-out kitchen tap for those who are looking for futuristic chrome and sleek style, while a pull-out function adds convenience for everyday use.

This pull-out tap is available in sleek chrome design.

Buy It Here: SIMS Sink Mixer

PAFFONI SY180CR Sink Mixer

paffoni sink mixer

Type: One-hole Sink Mixer with Flat High Swivel Spout

Description: This is a one-hole tap with swivel spout which offers modern elegance design and provides efficient water flow for any kitchen task.

This tap is a sink mixer meaning the water flow can be controlled to reduce splashing.

Buy It Here: PAFFONI SY180CR Sink Mixer

PAFFONI RED183CR Pull-out Sink Mixer

paffoni retractable kitchen tap

Type: Retractable Pull Out Design


Description: This is a pull-out sink mixer with an elastic hose that retracts back into place and concealed by its chrome swivel.

This tap is retractable meaning its design ensures a tidy appearance.

Buy It Here: PAFFONI RED183CR Pull-out Sink Mixer

PAFFONI RED183CR Pull-out Sink Mixer

sims double spout sims tap

Type: This is a double spout tap mixer


Description: This is a double spout sink tap which allows for simultaneous use of hot and cold water or provides a dedicated spout for filtered water.

This tap has a double spout meaning it offers dual functionality.

Buy It Here: SIMS Double Spout Sink Tap


Wrapping up, the guide provided a comprehensive overview of the diverse options available in kitchen taps. 

However it is crucial for buyers to reflect on their specific requirements and tastes when making a selection. 

By considering these individual needs, buyers can ensure they choose a tap that seamlessly integrates into the daily routines.

In short, selecting the right kitchen tap involves a thoughtful assessment of various factors, from practical requirements to design preferences. 

With this in mind, buyers are encouraged to explore the diverse range of options available, ensuring they find a tap that perfectly aligns with their needs.


If you are in the market for a kitchen tap of your own, come shop with us!


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