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Bathroom is our private sanctuary. It is the most intimate room in the house and designing it should be as personal as possible. There are myriad of things that you can put in the bathroom but unlike other rooms at home, it can have limited space so we have listed some of the must-haves to guide you come up with an enthralling but efficient bathroom.


Stylish Wash Basin

Choosing a wash basin is generally based on personal preference. Most of the time, you choose the design that will match your personality and taste. In deciding which one to put in your bathroom, aside from the size which is definitely obvious, select a stylish one. Also, just like kitchen, find one that will suit the needs of your family members.


Adequate Storage

Most of the time, putting up storage for toiletries is ignored. Tissues, tooth paste and other stocks must also have a space in the bathroom. It is essential to prevent such items to be cluttered around. If you have a limited space, a basin cabinet is a perfect fit to maintain a clean and orderly space but if you have enough space, consider adding shelves for extra storage.


Proper Lighting

Bathroom is our personal space. It is also where we do our personal hygiene and generally, this is where we try to prepare ourselves for our everyday activities. It should have good lighting to allow us to see the glow within us as we start the day until the end of the day and prepare to rest.


Lovely Mirror

Any homeowner must consider installing a lovely mirror in the bathroom, especially when doing a home-improvement project. It makes a small bathroom look big while adding beauty in it. You can also choose a mirrored cabinet for additional storage.

There are still a lot of things to consider when talking about bathroom essentials aside from the basics but those mentioned above will help you achieve an attractive and well-designed bathroom for your home. If you wish to do a home renovation or just upgrade the look of your bathroom, we, at Sim Siang Choon, can help you pick which ones will fit your needs and styles for your personal space at home.


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Please, add your first item to the wishlist

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