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One of the jobs around the home that seem a little daunting is cleaning the toilet bowl. This part of the bathroom can harbour germs and can become very dirty if neglected. Below are some cleaning tips as well as prevention that can help maintain the cleanliness of the toilet bowl.


1. For The Dirty Toilet – It is not just the bowl and drain that need cleaning. If the toilet bowl is dirty, cleaning the toilet seat, the sides and tank thoroughly must also be part of the cleaning process. There are many cleaners available in the market that can help clean the toilet. Just be careful on the one you will be using for the tank. Carefully read the instructions before using the solution.


2. For The Toilet Mould – Molds are not the sole problem of the kitchen. It is also one of the main problems in the bathroom, especially in the toilet bowl where there are dark spaces that are ideal habitat for moulds. To get rid of it, make sure that the toilet bowl and the space around it are dry.


3. For The Toilet Grout – The toilet’s base is sealed with grout which can be easily stained. To get rid of the stains, scrub it out with an old toothbrush or any small brush available in the market together with detergent soap or cleaning products that you use for your bathroom.


4. For The Toilet Floor Drain – A clogged drain is definitely a big problem. Do not wait for the toilet to overflow. Regularly check on how the water flushes. If it seems slower than the usual, it means it is time to clean the drain using a plunger.


5. For The Toilet Bowl Water Stains – Caused by hard water, toiled bowl water stains is also one main problem in the bathroom since water it is surrounded by water. To clean this up, use a toiled brush together with a mixture of borax and vinegar. Scrub it thoroughly until the area is clean and light.


Unless you want your bathroom to be part of your future home-improvement, better keep it clean and well-maintained. Make sure to make some time to clean it and always keep it dry despite your busy schedule at work.

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