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Bathroom accessories every Singaporean household needs.

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Your bathroom can be a haven at times – especially when you dedicate bath times as special ‘me time’ to pamper yourself and feel great. Because of this, you ought to make sure you have all of the necessary bathroom accessories on hand to make your bath time cozy and fun! Continue reading to learn more about the bathroom accessories that every Singapore household needs.  

1. Towels

Have you ever gotten out of the shower only to find you've forgotten your towel? This isn't going to end well. You may be alone at home, dash to the laundry room for a towel, and leave pools of water in your wake. You can also be with others who won't hear your cries for help, in which case you'll have to air dry slowly. In the bathroom, towels serve a variety of purposes. It's crucial to keep a bunch of towels in your bathroom at all times, from bath towels to hand towels to face towels. Keep your towels handy and easy to reach with our metal towel bars and towel rings.  

2. Toiletries

These are what we use to groom and preen ourselves, and they take up a lot of bathroom space. Toiletries can range from basic goods like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and razor to more complex items like step-by-step skincare treatments, tweezers, lotions, creams, sprays, floss, and more. Whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or a multi-family house, your toiletries must always be plenty and refreshed. Consider your own and/or your roommates' bathroom requirements. Having a well-organized storage system in your bathroom will help you keep track of your items and avoid confusion and fear in the morning. Guests may also benefit from additional toiletries. You can keep your toiletries easily accessible with our versatile glass shelves that are stylish and easy to clean.  

3. Soap

This is not only one of the most important bathroom accessories but also one of the most important life accessories. Soap has enabled human civilisation to emerge from the dirt and into a cleaner, more sanitary modern world. Having a variety of soaps in your bathroom is beneficial. You should have some hand washing soaps on hand, as well as hard soaps in your drawers, in addition to your liquid soaps for bathing. Bath soaps with strong scents can also be used as a storage freshener. Place one in your towel drawers or among your bathroom essentials. Keep your soaps dry and longer-lasting with our selection of soap dishes.  

4. Mirror

A mirror is required in every restroom. How else can we preen and groom ourselves to our hearts' content in a subtle and successful manner? Many bathrooms already have mirrors built-in. Some condos and lower-cost apartments with small bathrooms in Singapore, on the other hand, might not. Purchasing a large bathroom mirror or constructing one with a small storage cabinet may be the best option for you. Check out our mirror selections here, here, and here.  

5. Shower liner & curtain

The difference between a dry and a damp bathroom is shower liners and curtains. A wet restroom is not only inconvenient, but it also puts you at risk of sliding and injuring yourself. Shower liners and curtains also add an extra layer of seclusion, particularly when someone stumbles in by accident. No one can envision a bathroom without a curtain and liner, thus it's one of the most important bathroom accessories. Shower curtains and liners can also provide a splash of colour or design to a bathroom that is otherwise monotone.  

6. Bath mat

Your bathroom post-shower routine could turn into a slip ‘n’ slide if you don't have this necessary bathroom accessory. Invest in a durable, soft bathroom mat to catch the water pouring from your body or to keep your feet from contacting the icy floor in the winter. Bath mats can also be mixed and matched to fit your bathroom's decor. You can also acquire larger bath mats that can cover a larger area, reducing the number of times you have to wash them.  

7. Wall hooks

You'd just pile your clothing and towels all over the place if you didn't have these bathroom accessories. Additional storage is provided by wall hooks, which provide a place for temporary goods such as extra towels, clothes, or a visitor's toiletries bag. You can also use sticky hooks to hang goods like air fresheners and hand towels behind your bathroom door or near your toilet or sink. Check out our selection of versatile hooks here.  

8. Air freshener

Although your bathroom isn't expected to be the most fragrant room in the house, making it smell nice can make your bathroom experience more pleasant and inviting. There are various commercially available air fresheners and deodorizing sprays that are designed to eliminate even the most revolting odors in your bathroom. You can even produce your own air fresheners by hanging lavender sprigs or drying herbs and flowers.  

9. Trash bin

You may not always be able to flush down your trash, as this might cause your plumbing to become clogged. Therefore, a trash bin is one of the most crucial bathroom necessities for collecting used tissues, bottle caps, and other debris. A dustbin can look out of place in a bathroom's decor at times. Thankfully, many garbage cans are more aesthetically beautiful or can be made to be hidden while still being conveniently accessible.  

10. Cleaning supplies

You go to the bathroom to clean yourself. This is why your bathroom should always be spotless and in good working order. Toilet plungers, toilet cleansers, sponges, brushes, tile cleaners, sprays, garbage can liners, and other cleaning items are available. Keep them in a large storage compartment under your sink, or in a visible but hidden basket, and they'll be ready to use at any moment. Alternatively, you can also keep your cleaning supplies safely stashed and clutter-free with our selection of racks.  


Because your bathroom is a haven of ‘me time’ and sometimes even leisure, it's best to stock it with essential bathroom accessories. With this list, you should have no trouble finding everything you need for your bathroom on your next shopping excursion, except perhaps not overspending! Need help accessorising your bathroom according to your budget? Do visit our showroom and talk to our customer service personnel for some helpful recommendations.


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