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  • Bathroom Fittings That are Both Elegant and Water Savings

    Image Source : https://qanvast.com/sg/interior-design-singapore/icon-interior-design-the-nautical-6659 Who Doesn’t Love To Save? Whether it’s saving on costs, the Earth, or simply snagging a good deal - you know you have truly become an adult when you’ve learnt the art of being thrifty. And w...
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  • 2 most important information when choosing a WC

    Did you know the two most important information to have on hand when choosing a WC? Firstly, is your toilet a P-trap or S-trap? These are just two different types of pipes' layout that flows water to flush the sewage away. Secondly, the distance between the center of the outlet hole to the wall ...
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  • 5 quick tips to choose the right toilet

    The toilet is the central piece in any bathroom. Yet, it is the most overlooked item. Many of us tend to focus more on other sanitary accessories such as the basin, bathtub or shower hanger. A high-performance toilet can make a positive monetary impact on your household budget since there is wate...
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  • 5 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks for Every Home

    A stereotypical thinking is that the amount of time spent in whipping up delicious meals requires the same amount of time to clean your kitchen. The dread of having to scrub for hours deters many homeowners from cooking at home.   Below are some time-saving tips for a sparkling clean kitchen wi...
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  • Creating a personal oasis in your bathroom

    Whether it is to answer the call of nature or for a relaxing shower after a hectic day, the bathroom is no short of being a personal sanctuary for our daily activities. While most homes do not have a large bathroom, it does not necessarily mean we have to constrain our design thoughts to this lit...
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  • Pros & Cons of Gas Cooker and Electric Cookers

    As you begin your journey in choosing between electric and gas cooker, you are likely to face a dilemma of which is a better option? There isn’t a direct answer as a myriad of factors should be considered. Let us dive in to understand some comparison.   The Pros of a gas cooker and electric c...
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