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  • Bathroom Details that Create Big Difference

    Searching for the best bathroom details can be very challenging. You may usually need to consider the space while trying to look for those decoration pieces that can make your bathroom look like how you envisioned it.   Good news, there are plenty of elements that you can use to make your bathr...
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  • Sim Siang Choon’s Guide to Organise your Kitchen

    A cluttered kitchen can make anyone feel like there is not enough space in the area. When this problem arises, the kitchen organisation is a necessity. We have scooped up some ideas on how you can organise your kitchen and make the most of your existing storage and unused space.   Take out ever...
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  • What to avoid when renovating kitchen?

    Kitchen is one of the areas in the house that should be designed practically in mind. For those who love to cook and prepare meals for their family, a design that can facilitate food preparation is better than just its appearance. Whether it is a big or small space, it is essential that the kitch...
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  • From Bland to Grand: How to make your bathroom luxury-looking

    Living in an HDB flat in Singapore means living in a limited space. With limited space at hand, most have to say goodbye to a luxury-looking, picturesque-type of a bathroom. But not being granted with the luxury of space does not mean it cannot be aesthetically pleasing. In fact, a little bit of ...
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  • Bathroom Must-Haves

    Bathroom is our private sanctuary. It is the most intimate room in the house and designing it should be as personal as possible. There are myriad of things that you can put in the bathroom but unlike other rooms at home, it can have limited space so we have listed some of the must-haves to guide ...
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  • What’s Trending for Kitchen in 2019?

    Another year has come and as this new chapter comes in, a quick change of look in the kitchen might be a good idea. If full renovation is not an option, a little bit of update can be done to give it a new look. To help you, we have here a list of what is trending for the kitchen in 2019.1. More C...
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