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A sink is just a sink. This is probably a mental state that continues to ring in our mind. The truth is choosing an ideal sink can be a mentally taxing process. After all, the bathroom sink can define the interior theme and ambience of the bathroom. Also, you are likely to also consider whether to install them in the master ensuite or family bathroom. The dimensions of your bathroom can also affect the choice of the sink to prevent a visual clutter.   #1        Type of sink The wide variety of bathroom sinks in the market can be a visual treat or an overwhelming experience. For a luxurious look, a top-mount sink that rests on top of the counter might be ideal. They are usually suitable to be installed on wood or laminate since the circumference area is completely covered by the sink to prevent water damage. A white tinge of marble-look countertop sink can exude the elegant and airy touch to the bathroom. Alternatively, consider the wall-mount sink that is directly fixed to the wall without the need for a countertop. This provides a streamlined look and without the fussy details. Since it does not have a cabinet below the sink, it makes the bathroom visually bigger.   #2        Size of your sink Before you head down to purchase the sink, consider measuring the size of your bathroom. Take into account of the measurement of the location of the new sink. You will need to consider if the shape of the sink can blend nicely into your existing space or some modification might be required. You might speak to Sim Siang Choon, the specialist for bathroom accessories to find one ideal size that wonderfully fit your bathroom.   #3        The colour theme The sink is an element among the many other accessories that you might find in your bathroom. This can range from the showerhead, toilet bowl, and bathtub or storage cabinets. Choosing the right colour palette helps create a cohesive atmosphere. A play of contrast colour is recommended if a focal point within the area is to be achieved.   #4        What’s your storage demand? If storage is a strong need, then a top mount sink might make sense since you can install cabinet storage on the countertop. Consider the compartments within the sink for the different items to store in the bathroom. With this quick checklist, choosing the ideal bathroom sink needs not be a demanding task. You can mentally visualise the space and design as you screen through the wide selection at Sim Siang Choon.


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