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8 best kitchen taps for your house in Singapore.

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When you first fit your home with appliances, little things like taps wouldn’t seem like much, but trust us, it’s the little things that can make or break your lifestyle. Furnishing your kitchen soon? Check out our list of 8 best kitchen taps for your home:


When money is tight but you don’t want to skimp on the faucet you choose, the HANSAPOLO line of faucets is ideal. A wide variety of bathroom designs can blend seamlessly with the distinctive, dynamic, and contemporary design of the Hansapolo 5148 kitchen mixer. Even after years of intensive use, the functionality and technology of this tap will continue to perform well.


Choosing an aesthetically pleasing mixer that may add a touch of luxury to the kitchen’s decor is crucial, but choosing cosy and useful models is always preferable. This single-hole sink mixer actually has a sophisticated design with rounded and delicate lines and an adjustable spout for easier use and enhanced cleaning.

It is offered in the timeless glossy chrome colour and is created using an epoxy powder coating method to ensure resistance to signs of wear over time.


Due to its appealing designs and technological effectiveness, the Paffoni LIG179CR kitchen mixer tap is one of the professional faucets. A small double-jet hand shower with a flexible hose is included, which ensures maximum operational comfort.


4. PAFFONI FME181BR Sink Mixer #48094

PAFFONI FME181BR Sink Mixer #48094

The PAFFONI Melissa series tap – as pretty as its name – lends an aura of retro classiness to your kitchen thanks to its unique design, metallic finishing, and ceramic head valve. In addition to its great functionality, this tap model also makes a promising conversation piece during dinner parties.


The Paffoni SY180CR washbasin mixer is suited for kitchens of any design thanks to its discrete line, gentle curves and lack of edges. It is finished in chrome and features a side lever and a flat, swivelling barrel.


The SIMS double spout sink tap is equipped with a water-saving aerator, sturdily built and of excellent quality. This sink tap is also corrosion and rust-resistant, with an elegant and practical design that is easy and convenient to install on your own. The double spout works well for a busy kitchen, especially for restaurants and cafes.


This pull-out sink mixer makes washing dishes breezy and easy, thanks to its convenient pull-out design. Modern and practical, this sink mixer design also allows you to save water while using the sink, saving you on water bills and being greener for the planet too.


8. VRH Deck Single Sink Faucet Smooth Lifestyle #27670

VRH Deck Single Sink Faucet Smooth Lifestyle #27670

Represent your unique personality with the unique style of the VRH deck single-sink faucet! Made of sturdy stainless steel, this angular kitchen tap allows for easy cleaning of large pots and other cooking utensils. The tap is also easily cleaned using a clean cloth dampened with kitchen vinegar and rinsed with water.



The kitchen tap doesn’t seem to be an important factor when furnishing your kitchen. Believe it or not, no two taps are the same, and the wrong kitchen tap can make working in the kitchen much more difficult and laborious than it’s supposed to be. Make your life easier by choosing the right kitchen tap for your house. You can get all kinds of kitchen appliances in Singapore at Sim Siang Choon. Get in touch with us to learn more about our products.


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