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6 Different Types of Wash Basin to Consider for Your Toilet

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Are you in the process of renovating your toilet? There are many elements to consider when it comes to revamping your toilet. From the size and color of your toilet to the sanitary fixtures that will fill it, toilet renovation can be a challenging process!

A component that cannot be overlooked is choosing the right wash basin. It’s one of the most essential aspects of any toilet as it plays a sanitary and aesthetic role. There are also many different types of wash basins, each with its own functionality and purpose.

In this article, we’ll be going through 7 different types of wash basins that you can consider for your toilet. We’ll also be discussing their pros and cons as to how it may suit your toilet design.

Let’s get started!


1. Above Counter Basins  

Above Counter Basins

Above counter basins, also known as counter top basins, are wash basins that are mounted on top of a counter. They give a more contemporary look making them ideal for a modern bathroom design.

  • Pros: Above counter basins are aesthetically pleasing and they’ll look good in most toilets. If you’re looking for durability, above counter basins are more firm and strong due to their countertop base. They also give you more storage space around and under the counter top.

  • Cons: Above counter basins take up quite a lot of bathroom space and you’d want to avoid them if your toilet is small. They’re rather pricey too and much harder to clean.



2. Corner Washbasin

Corner Washbasin

Corner wash basins are situated in the corner of bathrooms. They’re usually mounted onto shelves or directly attached to the wall. They also have a simple design and are very small compared to other wash basins.

  • Pros: Corner wash basins are a great way to conserve toilet space. Their small size and strategic placement make them very practical especially in a small bathroom.
    They’re also easy to customize and in alot of ways, aesthetically unique, which may play into the favor of your bathroom design. They’re easy to clean too!

  • Cons: These wash basins are much harder to install and they don’t provide any storage space for your bathroom supplies. Water will also be prone to spill due to the absence of a counter space.



3. Free Standing Basin

Free Standing Basin

Free standing basins or pedestal basins, are stand alone basins which are directly mounted onto the floor. The pedestal acts as camouflage for the plumbing hardware and they don’t have cabinets or vanity units attached to them.

  • Pros: Free standing basins would be a perfect fit if you’re going for a minimalist approach. They’re simple, space saving and visually appealing. They’re also easy to maintain and clean due to the singular structure of the piece.

    Cons: As mentioned, free standing basins don’t come with cabinets, giving you less storage space for your supplies. The small surface area of the basin might also cause water to splash onto the floor.



4. Semi Recessed Basins

Semi Recessed Basins

A semi recessed basin is the combination of an above counter basin and under counter basin. It sits above a countertop in a semi mounted position, leaving more space towards the back of the basin.

  • Pros: First and foremost, a semi recessed basin leaves a lot of room for your bathroom supplies. You have the choice of placing them behind the basin or under the counter top. The slight protrude of the basin will also make it easier for children to access.
    These basins are sturdy too and they’ll last much longer compared to other wash basins.

  • Cons: As with the above counter basin, these basins take up alot of bathroom space. They’re also very pricey and the intricate design of the piece will make it difficult to clean.




5. Under Counter Basins

Under Counter Basins

The under counter basin has a polar design to that of an above counter basin. Rather than being on top, this basin is situated within or inside the counter top. This basin is suitable if you’re going for a modern or streamlined look.

  • Pros: Under counter basins are visually appealing and their sleek design will seamlessly fit into modern bathrooms. They’re also fairly easy to clean as there is no distinct separation between the basin and countertop.
    Moreover, you’ll also have a ton of space to store your supplies around the sink.

  • Cons: Basins with countertops naturally take up alot of bathroom space as with the other two on the list. The under counter basin is also harder to install and it comes with a hefty price tag too!



6. Wall Hung Basin

Wall Hung Basin

Last but not least, we have the wall hung basin. This basin is directly mounted to a wall similar to that of a corner washbasin. It is installed with wall fixing bolts and it does not come with cabinets or vanity units. 

  • Pros: A wall hung basin is ideal for a minimalistic design. It offers a modern and elegant look and at the same time, allows you to make the most of your bathroom space. They’re also inexpensive compared to other wash basins and are very easy to clean. 

  • Cons: Wall hung basins don’t provide much storage space. Spilling might occur often too due to the lack of surface space to stop water from splashing onto your floor.


How To Choose The Right Wash Basin?

Now that we’ve established some wash basins for you to consider, how do you know which one is the right one? Choosing the right basin for your toilet depends on several factors:

  • Size: Measure your toilet so you have an idea of how big your basin should be. Ideally, smaller toilets should go for basins with no countertop. On the other hand, a bigger toilet gives you the option of opting for larger basins.

  • Budget: As with most things, your budget can either make or break your plans. Choose a basin that aligns with your budget as there are many basins at different price points.

  • Functionality: Do you have lots of things to store? Are you someone who likes to keep your bathroom floor dry? Basins come with a range of features and functionality so choose one that lines up with your needs.

  • Aesthetics: Be sure to go for a style that matches the overall design of your toilet. Some basins are more aesthetically pleasing than others and your bathroom design corresponds to the basin design too!




There are many elements to consider when it comes to renovating your toilet and a wash basin is arguably one of the most important. As stated above, there are many different types of wash basins and they each have their own unique characteristics.

When it comes to choosing the right wash basin, think about the size, budget, functionality and aesthetics of the wash basin. This should give you a good idea of which basin is best suited for your bathroom design.

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