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Living at a country with confined soil and limited land such as Singapore where spaces are a high demand, it is imminent to figure out some brilliant intellection to make the most out of every inch we have in hand to create a more spacious looking interior. Here are some design tips that one might be interested to dig into before construction commenced.


1. Opt For A Corner Sink — Composed of the “pillar” (the pedestal) and the sink basin, pedestal sink could be a cost-effective solution to the bathroom. However, its protruded nature might take up too many spaces in the hallway. Corner sink, on the other hand, is firmly framed to the wall angles thus giving way for extra inches to walk around.


2. Stretch The Counter Longer To Cover The Spaces Above The Toilet  — If the bathroom comes with a small size where there is no place to admit essential bathroom items such as shampoo and soap other than the necessities, a clever approach to this common problem is to expand the vanity or counter above the toilet so that more stuff could be placed inside the bathroom


3. Expand The Mirror  — Not only a big mirror could create a visual illusion to make a space looks larger than its actual perimeter, it could also allow two or more people to use it at the same time. This is perhaps the less costly and the least difficult way to make a bathroom visually larger.


4. Install A Wall-Mounted Faucet Or Shower Head Into The Wall — A wall-mounted faucet or shower head would immediately free up more space for a narrower sink or vanity without the obstruction of the pipelines. In bounded areas such as the bathroom, having a tiny bit of room to place your feet can make a huge difference.


5. Embed A “Safe” To Store The Bathroom Accessories — Cabinets and shelves could be very helpful when equipped in a bathroom to put bath products and avoid water contact or splashes. However, it could eat up a lot of space especially when it is installed near the entrance, making it awkward to walk around. A solution to this is to recess the cabinets or shelves into the wall like a safe. This might involve the reconstruction of the wall so it is recommended to include it in the bathroom designing plan.


When space becomes an extravagant enjoyment, it is when the combination of creative design thinking and innovative products come into play to surpass the limited boundaries for a life of ample pleasure. At Sim Siang Choon, we provide a wide range of smart solutions that contribute to the ideal space-saving that would add up more space to a bathroom.


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