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The toilet is the central piece in any bathroom. Yet, it is the most overlooked item. Many of us tend to focus more on other sanitary accessories such as the basin, bathtub or shower hanger. A high-performance toilet can make a positive monetary impact on your household budget since there is water-saving option toilet in the market. Let us discuss some blind spots that you might overlook. #1       Choice Between One-Piece vs Two-Piece Toilet A two-piece toilet consists of a separate tank and a seat base. This is the common toilet model in the market. The pieces are then installed to fit together. It is easier to carry and transport especially so for DIYers. On the other hand, one-piece toilets can be a little more on the high-end in terms of cost. The appeal of one -piece toilet is the seamless style, providing a modern look and of course fewer venues for the growth of germs. #2   The Height Of The Toilet Seat A toilet standard height is about 17 inches. Depending on the brand, you may even find a toilet with a height of 19 inches for a “comfort” height requirement. Based on medical ground, lower toilet seats are recommended for most users. Nonetheless, for elderly who may face difficulty getting into and out of the sitting position, the higher seat might be an ideal choice. #3       Push-Button Option vs Lever Flush The push button is the popular option since it gives a dose of spa feels even when the surrounding space is traditional. Lever toilets are classic and it really depends on your preference. #4       Colour Theme The clean white porcelain toilet is by far the most common choice among household. Pure white reflects lights and adds a dose of calmness to the surrounding. This makes the colour choice ideal for most homes. You can contrast this white colour toilet with other colour tones accessories to create visually appealing statement effects. The rule is to keep to a simple neutral colour tone without too many accents to the surrounding. #5       High-Efficiency Models High efficient toilet models tend to use less water for every flush. In general, pressure-assist toilets tend to be more water-efficient flushers than gravity toilets. The former has a separate tank to hold the water under pressure thus allowing the water to release at high speed to remove waste in a more thorough matter. The downside is that it can be more expensive and a lot nosier. With these considerations, you can weigh your lifestyle option for the best bathroom experience! Living a resort lifestyle is just a choice within your control.


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