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A stereotypical thinking is that the amount of time spent in whipping up delicious meals requires the same amount of time to clean your kitchen. The dread of having to scrub for hours deters many homeowners from cooking at home. Below are some time-saving tips for a sparkling clean kitchen with little effort, to begin with. #1     Use Ammonia To Clean Your Oven The thought of having to scrub the inside of an oven can depress your mood for the day. This time-consuming task can be a nightmare for many homeowners with a hectic lifestyle. Consider placing a bowl containing about half a cup of ammonia on the top rack of the oven coupled with a large pan of boiling water on the bottom rack. Leave them overnight. You can remove the dish and pan the next morning and allow the air from the oven to travel out of the interior. Start wiping the interior with a damp cloth that is soaked in water containing some dishwashing liquid. You might be amazed at the ease of cleaning off the baked-on gunk. #2     Sea Salt Can Be Your Best Friend Imagine the stubborn stains left on your cast iron pans that simply do not clean off easily. Many of us tend to scrub and scour with a sponge and dishwashing soap. However, this requires a great amount of time and the soap can ruin the pan, making it likely to rust. A more effective method to keep the cast iron pans clean is to use some coarse sea salt and a halved potato to remove the stains. You should rinse with water and let the pan dry. Then season the pan with a little oil and you shall see the wonder of the stains coming off. #3     A Little Extra Miles Go A Long Way After cleaning our pots, pans and cutlery, we tend to leave the accumulated grunge sitting in the sink. At Sim Siang Choon, our wide range of sink can cater to your diverse lifestyle needs. The quality of our sinks looks new if you take a subsequent step to remove these grunts with a light scrub instead of leaving them unattended. #4     Ever Heard Of The Amazing Capability Of Baking Soda The build-up of years of grease that cover your cabinets can be instantly transformed by a simple formula. Simply make a paste by using 1 dose of vegetable oil with 2 doses of baking soda and scrub it on your cabinets. The greasy gunk should be easily wiped off. #5     Stubborn Burnt Food? This is a common problem faced by many of us. You can easily clean them with dryer sheets. All you need is to fill the dirty pots and pans with soap water that is tossed in a dryer sheet. Let it rest for 1 hour and the caked-on grime can come off with minimal scrubbing. With these tips, your next cooking experience is no longer a roller coaster ride!


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