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The bathroom is the most frequently visited place in our home. When we design for our bathroom, we should balance the functionality and aesthetic design. There are 5 important aspects that influence the normal functions of your bathroom. Let’s dig into the scene of designing our bathroom. 1. Arrange The Shower Area Well The shower area should be arranged based on functionality. When the shower area is marked out during designing, the shower head should be installed on the shorted edge to make sure you have sufficient space to move. Wall shelf for bath products should be placed within your reach when you are showering, while the towel rail should be placed outside the showering area. 2. Select The Right WC Before choosing the right WC, the first thing to do is know if your toilet is a P-trap or an S-trap. These two are different when it comes to pipe layout where water flows to flush the sewage away. Next consideration is the distance between the centre of the outlet hole to the wall for the S-trap and from the floor to the centre of the waste pipe for the P-trap. Remember to set the right measurement because the pipes might not fit well. The WC water system is another trick point. The ideal water system is functional and water saving. In the long run, you can save plenty on water bills. 3. Choose The Correct Countertop Countertop plays a big role in the bathroom. It should be durable enough to stand up to water, soap, and cosmetics. It also stands as a work surface during the morning rush. In choosing the right countertop, functionality, taste and budget are the top considerations. Choosing a particular material can create the tone of the bathroom. Stainless-steel, granite, and tile countertops are low maintenance but still look remarkable. Glass countertop looks striking and modern but is high maintenance because it is hard to keep it free of fingerprints. Maintenance should also be included in the considerations when choosing the correct countertop. 4. Storage Is More Than You Expected A small bathroom has become the trend, partially due to the limited living space. When it comes to the limited area, mixing bathroom facilities with storage is the ideal solution. The popular bathroom storage includes open shelves and racks, washstands, wall shelves, mirror cabinets. You should choose your bathroom storage with measurements of your bathroom layout in advance. Another important aspect to consider is the material. As the bathroom is a moist place, it is important to choose durable furniture that can fight to withstand the moisture level. 5. Floor And Walls Are Important Floor and walls are the base and frame of a bathroom. The importance cannot be underestimated. For the floor, besides being waterproof, it is recommended to choose a highly slip resistant flooring product, especially for families with elderly. Slipping into the bathroom can cause severe outcomes. Walls are another important aspect to take into consideration. Being waterproof is the first priority. The ability to resist stains, watermarks is also necessary as the complicated cleaning and maintenance procedures will not be pleasant. The right design of bathroom saves our future effort in repairs and renovation. It also saves our time and effort to arrange everything in the bathroom in an appropriate way. If you have any doubts about selecting the suitable bathroom ware, feel free to contact Sim Siang Choon at 6266 6632. We are always ready to offer you sincere professional advice.


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