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5 Helpful Bathroom Accessories You Need

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Bathroom accessories are essential whether you're building a new home or simply upgrading your current one. Despite being significantly less important than tiles, a vanity, a bath, or a shower, they are critical in providing the 'finishing touches'. Furthermore, bathroom accessories are a cost-effective and quick way to update an existing bathroom. Continue reading this post to learn about five crucial bathroom accessories to have in your bathroom. When shopping for bathroom accessories in Singapore, make sure you acquire everything you need and nothing less.

1. Toothbrush holder

With the help of a toothbrush holder, you can keep your vanity tidy. Brush holders not only keep things tidy, but they may also add a fashionable touch to the overall look. When looking for bathroom accessories in Singapore, be sure to include one of them in your shopping cart. Check out our toothbrush holder selection here. Alternatively, you can also choose a tumbler holder to hold your toothbrush.

2. Rinsers/bidets

In early 2020, many individuals would take the plunge(r) and switch from toilet papers to rinsers, (or bidets, as some would name them) when the COVID-19 epidemic hit and a toilet paper crisis occurred. In addition to being an eco-friendlier alternative to toilet papers, rinsers also offer a cleaner ‘finish’ and can double as a shower head, in case yours break down by any chance. Shop for our rinsers selection here.

3. Toilet paper holder

Loose toilet paper rolls can make even the cleanest bathrooms appear unclean and dishevelled. As a result, a toilet paper holder is a must-have for any bathroom. Toilet paper holders are available in a range of styles and can provide a decorative element to a bathroom. We at Sim Siang Choon recognise the value of essential bathroom accessories, which is why we provide a variety of outstanding selections for your new bathroom. Check out our toilet paper holder selections here.

4. Hairdryer

A mounted hair dryer is an essential bathroom accessory, especially if your morning routine regularly consists of washing, drying and styling your hair before going to work. Having a hairdryer mounted in your bathroom makes it convenient to use it whenever you need it and saves you the hassle of having to get out of the bathroom and locate it somewhere else, especially if you’re crunched for time. Shop our versatile hair dryer collections here.

5. Soap & shampoo dispenser

Having a liquid soap and shampoo dispenser in your bathroom is an excellent way to make your bathing experience a bit more exclusive and fancy, like you’re staying at a hotel! Having a soap and shampoo dispenser is also a good way to minimise clutter inside the bathroom. Plus, with just one press on the dispenser, you aren’t likely to dispense more soap or shampoo than you’re supposed to, making it more economical. This option is also perfect if you’re running a bed and breakfast at your home and want your guest to enjoy a complete hotel-like experience. Shop our soap & shampoo dispenser selections here.


Bathroom accessories are required whether you are creating a new bathroom or upgrading an existing one. Bathroom accessories have a dual purpose: they keep your bathroom functioning while also adding to its aesthetic appeal. Toilet paper holders, rinsers, toothbrush holders, soap/shampoo dispensers, and hair dryers are all essential bathroom accessories. Make sure you have everything you need in your bathroom. Look no further than our Sim Siang Choon showroom for the best bathroom accessories in Singapore. Any bathroom accessory that you're seeking for can be found in our online store today.


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