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Not only will a well-designed kitchen provides a home with an attractive look but will also help in saving the time and effort while preparing food for the family. Though kitchen renovation, just like any home-improvement project, is never cheap, there are ways to keep the costs low. Here are some helpful tips:


1. Refinish The Kitchen Cabinets – Cabinet is the “face” of the kitchen. If you plan to change the flooring, backsplash or the countertop of the kitchen, choose a new colour that best complements with the overall scheme. Apply the colour on the cabinets as well to achieve conformity. An alternative way to do so is keeping the whole cabinet framework but replace the cabinet doors or the accessories on it such as the handle, knob or side panel.


2. Upgrade The Kitchen Sink And Faucet – One smart but less expensive way of renovating the kitchen is to upgrade the kitchen sink as well as the faucet. The kitchen sink, just like the sink installed in the bathroom, is an item that is frequently used in the kitchen which is why it deteriorates very quickly. If the sink is still new, install a statement faucet to provide a more luxurious look to the space.


3. Know What The Space Can Accommodate – In renovating, one of the major considerations is to know the exact dimensions of the whole area to see if it can accommodate the type or number of appliances to be added or replaced. It should be well-planned in advance. Careful planning beforehand can reduce potential maintenance expenses as alterations made in the future might cost higher.


4. Consider Open Shelves – If there is a need to add cabinets, consider open shelves as it reduces the overall cost of buying upper cabinets. Not only will it change the interior look of the kitchen but also eliminates the need to buy hardware and other accessories needed for usual cabinets.


At Sim Siang Choon, we are dedicated to make your kitchen look luxurious at an executable budget without digging deep into your pockets. This is why we provide kitchen appliances at the price where everyone can enjoy without vexation.


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