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Having a functional kitchen is one of the priorities of many homeowners, particularly those who love to cook or bake. But creating a functional kitchen does not always mean it is friendly for everyone at home. To make your kitchen a place your family, including the children, can enjoy, here are some tips: 1. Consider Open Shelving Storage One best way to make your kitchen family-friendly is by incorporating open shelving storage. Aside from it is a great way to display your dishware, it will be easy for the children to get the things they need whenever they need it. Both stylish and functional, open shelving is a great way to involve your children in various kitchen works. 2. Do Not Forget To Organise An organised system in the kitchen is a family-friendly kitchen. Adding labels, sorting the same items and putting them in one place are good ways to start the organisation. It can also help clear the clutter around. There are various organising items you can buy to help you sort everything. Another way is to colour-coordinate items so that it will be easier to locate. A chalkboard wall can help, too! Undoubtedly, writing menu plans or sweet notes and requests will be a fun activity for the whole family. 3. Add Seating And Kitchen Island Aside from the living room, the kitchen is an excellent area in the house to gather while preparing meals or eating a snack. To make the kitchen a place that can be enjoyed by the whole family, one home-improvement method is adding more seating and a kitchen island. It can be a place where other members of the family can do other chores while you are preparing meals. Children can decorate your newly-baked cupcakes, or you can have a coffee with your spouse. The kitchen, just like any part of the house like the bathroom or bedroom, can be personalised and enjoyed by the whole family. It only depends on how you organise and design it. At Sim Siang Choon, we help you organise and make your home a family-friendly place through our organising items and simple tips.


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