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Kitchen hoods are among the least appreciated appliances in the kitchen. In contrast, it is a valuable addition to your kitchen as it provides filtering support for your cooktop or stove whenever you cook. Kitchen hoods are designed to expel gases and odours from inside your home, making it one of the essential appliances you need for your home.

The following are the three main benefits you can get from installing a hood in your kitchen:


1. It Keeps The Air Clean – Kitchen hoods remove potentially toxic pollutants from the air in your kitchen. When preparing a meal, you cannot resist dealing with smoke or steam, which may be dangerous when inhaled. The kitchen hood, with just a push of a button, sucks the undesirable air and puts it out of your home. Also, it reduces the amount of toxic air that you may breathe in, keeping your indoor air clean and safe from bacteria and germs. Kitchen hood can also help in preventing the growth of mould in the kitchen area.


2. It Removes Excess Heat – The next great benefit of having a kitchen hood is its ability to help remove heat from your kitchen. Having a hood in your kitchen will help you stop the heat from hitting you in the face whenever you cook your meal, making it more comfortable for you to move around. Most kitchen hood has a built-in fan blower that is designed to suck away the heat from the gas stoves or steamer.


3. It Improves Home’s Comfort – Making the kitchen hood part of your home-improvement helps you enjoy your daily preparation of a meal for your family. It can help you create a more comfortable environment for the whole family as it reduces the unpleasant odours brought by a heated home. Having a hood in your kitchen allows you to be free and creative with whatever style you have when cooking. With lesser time to defeat the heat, it can provide your home with a more comfortable environment.


Having a kitchen hood provides many benefits to your kitchen. Aside from keeping your air clean, it also helps you feel comfortable and protected. At Sim Siang Choon, we offer a wide selection of kitchen and bathroom accessories that can significantly benefit your home.


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