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25 Best Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Breath New Life To Your Bathroom

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The Mirror Makes the Bathroom Style

Mirrors are the go-to decoration piece for a room. They are the perfect decoration to help brighten up the room that will in turn make the room look more spacious than it is.

Bathroom mirrors are often used to amplify the bathroom aesthetics. This is because the shape, design, and color of the bathroom mirrors will leave a large impact on the look of your bathroom.

The other reason why bathroom mirrors are widely used is because it is a cost-effective way to make your old bathroom look fresh.

With that said, here are 25 bathroom mirror ideas that can bring new life into your bathroom


25 Bathroom Mirror Ideas


1. The Sunken Circle Mirror

sims round mirror

Let’s start with something classic with a simple twist, the circle mirror is a classic mirror that can seamlessly integrate into various design schemes, making it versatile and suitable for any room.

The twist to the Sunken style is that the mirror has a frame on the outer ring. The ring is useful because it allows for decorations to be placed on it to enhance the style of the mirror to fit what you envisioned.

Example of product :


2. Backlit Mirrors

backlit mirror

The trend for ambient light is becoming more and more popular in the modern age we live in today.

So why not use it for your bathroom mirror?

Backlit mirrors provide a soft, flattering light that illuminates the surrounding area evenly. The soft light is not only a feature that is useful to give style points to your bathroom but it is also a useful feature as it also helps illuminate your face when using it.


3. Hanging Mirrors

sims hanging mirror

Are you planning to decorate your bathroom and want to have something that exudes creativity and playfulness?

Try using a hanging mirror!

Hanging mirrors offer a blank canvas for creativity as the potential for design for a hanging mirror is endless. For example, the strap can be replaced with rope for bathrooms that are more towards tropical design.

They are not merely functional items but also serve as decorative elements that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room.

Example of Product :


4. Medicine Cabinet with a Mirror

mirror cabinet

Small bathrooms are usually space limited and you need to plan how to use the limited space efficiently. 

So why not have a medicine cabinet mirror?

A medicine cabinet mirror offers both the functionality of a storage cabinet and a bathroom mirror, maximizing the space inside of your bathroom.

They are the practical and functional choice for those that have a limited space in their bathroom that allow you to keep all the toilet products you use.

Example of Product :


5. Mosaic Mirrors

mosaic mirror

Mosaic mirrors are mirrors that are usually decorated with colorful bits of broken tiles surrounding it.

Mosaic mirrors framed with colorful tiles add vibrancy and artistry to your bathroom. 

They create a unique focal point, infusing energy and creativity into the space, especially in bathrooms with neutral tones.


6. Oversize Large Mirror

fancy bathroom mirror

What is the best way to create a spacious feeling bathroom, having an oversized mirror for your bathroom! Oversized mirrors create a feeling of grandeur and spaciousness.

The large mirror size reflects a lot of the light making the bathroom appear larger.

This kind of bathroom mirror is perfect for small bathrooms to create the illusion of space which will overall make the bathroom feel more open and spacious.


7. Double Mirrors Design

double bathroom mirror

Double the mirrors , double the power. Using two mirrors in a double vanity bathroom adds a balanced and visually appealing look.

This kind of mirror design is better for couples or families where more than one person will use the bathroom sink at the same time.

Each person can have their own designated space with a separate mirror. This allows two people to comfortably use the bathroom simultaneously without interfering with each other’s grooming routines. 

Example of Product :

Considering double mirrors are just two mirrors placed side to side, you are free to pick any of the mirrors of your choice or the mirror listed below.


8. Frameless Mirrors

frameless mirror

Take advantage of simplicity, the frameless mirror is perfect for those who are looking to make their bathroom have that sleek and contemporary look.

This mirror offers a way to create the illusion of space inside your bathroom while simultaneously blending in with the bathroom. Hence, frameless mirrors are perfect for those looking for a mirror that compliments their modern and minimalist-designed bathroom.

Example of product :


9. The Antique Style

antique mirror

Antique mirrors are crafted with intricate details and ornate frames, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship.Their timeless elegance adds a touch of sophistication to any room.

Antique mirrors are incredibly versatile and can fit into various decor styles. Whether you have a traditional, eclectic, or modern interior, an antique mirror can become a focal point, adding depth and interest to the room.


10. Mirror with Shelf

sims mirror with shelf

These are mirrors that are designed to be functional as well as stylish to fit any aesthetics that you want. They offer convenient storage for bathroom essentials while displaying decorative items.

These kinds of mirrors are perfect for smaller bathrooms because they combine the practicality of storage with the necessity of a mirror, ensuring that even in limited spaces, you have essential items at your fingertips without compromising on aesthetics.

Example of product :


11. Floating mirror

double mirror

Want a sense of the future in your bathroom? Why not take a chance at a floating mirror design.

These mirrors are mounted in the back with brackets that give the appearance of it floating on the wall . The floating design of these mirrors will give a modern futuristic and airy look to the surrounding area.

This makes them perfect for small bathrooms where a sense of spaciousness is much appreciated and needed.

Example of product :


12. Etched Design Mirrors

etched mirror

Maybe you are looking for something a bit unique in terms of how the mirror has, in that case, the etched mirror design would be the perfect one for your bathroom

They feature intricate designs or patterns on the glass surface. They add an element of luxury and sophistication, providing a touch of artistry to your bathroom space.

This is perfect if you are the type to want a bit of spice into your design of your bathroom.


13. Black Framed Mirrors

black frame mirror

Why not just go back to the classic? The simple black frame exudes modern elegance and sophistication.

They give contrast to the background of the wall, especially on a white wall it will pop out the most out of everything else in the bathroom. This effect will bring a feeling of contemporary atmosphere in your bathroom.


14. Mirror Walls Design

wall mirror

One of the creative mirror designs that you can do is to combine multiple mirrors to fully cover a full wall of the bathroom. 

Creating a wall of mirrors using multiple small mirrors reflects light and visually expands the space. This design is good for small bathrooms because similar to oversized mirrors, it will create an illusion of space for the bathroom.

Example of Products :

The design is the combination of multiple mirrors to cover a wall. Hence, you can just buy any set of mirrors to combine them together to create a wall mirror.


15. Geometric Mirror

geometric mirror

Geometric mirrors are mirrors that follow many different geometric shapes, such as pentagons, hexagons, octagons, and more.

The shape and sharp edges that a geometric mirror provides will give a feeling of contemporary and add an artistic touch to the bathroom.

These mirrors are perfect for someone who wants something unique for their bathroom mirror, especially those who want their mirror to be the centerpiece of their bathroom.


16. Tropical Bamboo Mirror

bamboo mirror

Are you planning to have a tropical island theme bathroom? Why not match that style with mirrors that are made with bamboo frames?

Bamboo mirrors feature frames made from bamboo poles or strips and the bamboo frame adds a tropical and natural touch to the bathroom creating a relaxing and spa-like atmosphere. The other benefit is that the bamboo mirror is eco-friendly as it uses bamboo as the main material which is a plant that is easily grown.

This mirror style is highly compatible with bathrooms that are aimed for tropical or coastal themes.


17. Pivot Mirror

pivot mirror

Pivot mirrors are mirrors that have hinges attached to them that allow for free rotation on the mirror. This feature will allow for flexible viewing angles, making pivot mirrors practical for households with individuals of varying heights.

Pivot mirrors are available in various styles, from traditional to contemporary.


18. Rattan Mirror

bamboo mirror

Rattan mirror is similar to that of bamboo mirror whereby the frame is made by a natural grown plant but the difference is bamboo is hollow on the inside while ratan have a solid internal structure.

These mirrors add a bohemian and tropical vibe to the bathroom, creating a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. Rattan mirrors are lightweight and eco-friendly, making them popular in eco-conscious designs.


19. Stained Glass Mirror

stained mirror

Why not add more color to the mix?

Stained glass mirrors feature frames made from colorful stained glass pieces arranged in artistic patterns. The design is often known as mesmerizing as the different collection of colors will give contrast towards the mirror that will guarantee an artistry and sophisticated atmosphere to the bathroom.

These kinds of mirrors are perfect for bathrooms that are going for vintage-feeling decor as they will fit with the design perfectly.


20. Arched Mirror

arched mirror

Arched mirrors have a curved or arched top. The elegant arch adds a touch of sophistication and classic charm to the bathroom.

Arched mirrors come in various styles, from simple and understated to ornate and elaborate. You can find frames made from wood, metal, or even a combination of materials, allowing you to choose a mirror that complements your bathroom’s decor theme.

Arched mirrors are commonly found in bathrooms that are designed for traditional or classical designs.


21. Smart Mirror

smart mirror

Ever seen those sci-fi movies and figured to decorate your bathroom the same way they do? Make that dream come true by using smart mirrors as your bathroom mirror.

Smart mirrors are mirrors that are integrated with tech into them. Hence the word “smart” in the name, these mirrors can display weather updates, news, or even your fitness progress. 

As a bonus, you can combo the mirror with having an Alexa nearby as your AI assistant to complete the full sci-fi experience of your bathroom.


22. Oval Mirror

oval bathroom mirror

Back to the basics and simplicity, the oval mirrors are a popular choice in interior design due to their soft, curved shape, which adds a touch of elegance and grace to any space.

Oval mirrors are often taller and narrower than their rectangular counterparts, making them ideal for bathrooms with limited wall space. This vertical orientation allows them to fit well above narrow vanities or in compact powder rooms, maximizing the reflective surface without overwhelming the space.

If you are aiming for something timeless, classic look but still retain some aspects of modern and sleek design then this mirror is the perfect choice.

Example of Products :


23. Nautical Rope Mirror

nautical mirror

Time for the high seas, are you planning to decorate your bathroom with something more related to the high seas? Try to use Nautical rope as the mirror frame.

Nautical rope mirrors feature frames wrapped in thick ropes, creating a maritime and coastal-inspired look adding a touch of beachy charm and a sense of adventure to the bathroom.

These mirrors are often found in bathrooms with nautical, coastal, or rustic themes.


24. Sunburst Mirror

sunburst mirror

Want to give your bathroom a touch of sophistication? Why not have something fancy that will draw attention on the first entry to your bathroom like the sunburst mirror

Sunburst mirror mimics the shape of the sun using decorative wire shaped at the edge of the mirror. 

From minimalist and modern designs with thin, metallic rays to ornate and vintage-inspired frames with intricate detailing, there’s a sunburst mirror to suit every interior style.


25. Quatrefoil Mirror

Quatrefoil mirror

Want to try something that is elegant and timeless for your bathroom mirror? Try adding a Quatrefoil mirror to your bathroom. 

The Quatrefoil mirrors have frames shaped in the classic quatrefoil pattern, which consists of four overlapping circles or ovals. The design of the mirror adds a touch of sophistication and a degree of elegance to the bathroom.

This kind of mirror is suitable for bathrooms that want to appeal to traditional, Mediterranean, or Moroccan.


Extra Tips

Extra things to consider such as : 

Size and Proportion

Make sure to measure your available wall space and the area above the vanity or sink where the mirror will be placed. 

The mirror should be proportionate to the size of the wall and the furniture below it because if the mirror is too small or too large for the space, they can look awkward.

Height Placement

Make sure to hang the mirror at an appropriate height. It is highly recommended that the mirror should be placed at your eye level and it is a few inches away from the sink to avoid back splashes.

Consider Functionality

Think about what you need in a mirror. The mirror is where you do your makeup or shaving, hence make sure the mirror provides what you need such as extra lighting or extra storage compartments.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Consider the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Simple mirrors that have smooth sealed edges are fairly easy to clean but some mirrors require delicate cleaning.

Additionally some mirrors have anti fogging materials on it that will make the maintenance process much easier.

Customization and Personalization

Finally consider if you need some customization done for the mirror. For some they would want their mirror to be customized to what they need.

Hence before settling on a mirror design, it would be wise to consider if you would need customizability beforehand.

What are you waiting for?

If you are planning to buy a mirror for your newest bathroom idea, check out our collection of bathroom mirrors or contact us to get our expert advice.

Let us help you make the perfect choice!


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