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10 Different Bathroom Mirrors To Spice Up Your Bathroom

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Bathroom mirrors are essential for grooming, applying makeup, and checking your appearance, but their significance extends further. Beyond its practical use, a mirror is an excellent addition to your bathroom because it can provide the impression of more space, add light and style, and conceal storage space.

Besides giving the impression of a larger space, the right bathroom mirror can also create a style statement, add light to the space, create natural artwork, and hide cluttered storage space. When choosing a bathroom mirror, think about function, aesthetics, and style.

At Sim Siang Choon, we believe in minimalist and modern designs that are otherwise ageless. Here are ten amazing-looking bathroom mirrors we have in store to help you spice up your bathroom at home: 


This cabinet with a mirror has a sleek white/silver colour scheme that would match any bathroom. The roomy cabinet allows you to stock up on bathing essentials without making your bathroom look cluttered and busy. This cabinet also comes in four different sizes to suit your space.

2. SIMS Mirror Cabinet #45997

This soft colour trend is a reminder of the sweeter things in life and a happy, homey childhood. Bright and cheery decor in shades of cotton candy and bubblegum is ideal for a smaller-spaced home. Additionally, they will undoubtedly give you the morning energy boost you require to prepare for your day.


For those of you who love to showcase your range of expensive skincare bottles (they can be decorative too!), this mirror cabinet with a single glass shelf is for you. This mirror cabinet with two doors comes in one size and two colourways: Aluminium and Black.


This mirror with cabinet model comes with more shelves and more room for storage – ideal for couples or smaller families who share a bathroom. This one-sized mirror cabinet lets you have fun with more colourway options: White, Black, Silver, Gold, Satin Black, Black textured and Black Metallic.


If you love putting on makeup in your bathroom, this LED mirror is perfect for you. Its edges are lit up with an LED light that provides a soft and flattering reflection, making checking your own reflection such a joy every day!


If you’re a simple minimalist who craves just a little bit of functionality, this mirror with shelf model will suit you perfectly. The small shelf on this mirror will allow you to place bare essentials like lipstick and concealer without making space for more clutter and dust-gathering. This mirror comes in two sizes.


Nothing says simplicity and minimalism quite like a classic round-shaped hanging mirror. If you already have ample storage space and would only need a mirror to help you check that broccoli between your teeth, this mirror is for you. This mirror model is available in Black and Brown.


This no-nonsense round mirror doesn’t have much detailing except for its classic MDF frame. This mirror model comes in two sizes.


This rectangular chrome-finish mirror is another modern yet timeless piece that looks amazing in any bathroom. It comes in one size.


This rectangular mirror is another option for the no-nonsense minimalist. It’s easy to clean and comes in four different sizes.



Bathroom mirrors are available in various sizes, styles, forms, and colours. This makes this ornamental object adaptable because it can go with any type of décor. There are many variations, ranging from oval, round, square, rectangular, transparent, tinted, and even those with antique frames. To get an idea of all the bathroom mirror options, visit our showroom soon! Alternatively, get in touch with us here.


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